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Recipe Review: No Bake Snickers Cheesecake

This first review will be short and sweet. A few weeks ago, my mother shared A Saucy Kitchen‘s recipe with me via Facebook and I just had to try it! It was approximately 2 weeks before my birthday and, being the only vegan in my staffroom and not being able to eat any of the birthday cakes for other staff member’s birthdays, I decided to make this and bring it in for us.

So, I followed the recipe, bought all of the items which were very easy to source, and set to work. I had a few setbacks, such as not having a powerful enough blender until my housemate reminded me she had recently bought a food processor, and not having a ‘nice’ enough pan to present it in, I was able to produce the pictured product. I didn’t have time to add the melted chocolate to the top due to time constraints, so I opted for just adding the peanut mixture to the top and swirling it around a bit so it looked a bit pretty. I can’t say that I missed the chocolate, as the extra sweetness from the added mixture worked a treat!

I am happy to report that my workmates loved it! Not to mention myself. I will definitely be making this recipe again and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice desert for their birthday or other special occasion. So, thanks A Saucy Kitchen for giving this recipe to the world!


Spiritual Awakening

When the whispers turn to screams

For ages now I have been wanting to start a new blog. I wasn’t sure what it would be about, but I knew I wanted to share my experiences with my recent adoption of a vegan lifestyle while acknowledging my spiritual side.

It took a few weeks of thinking, questioning how it would look in terms of content and writing a few preparation blogs in a diary I have, but I was still stalling in the publication process.

I, like many of us, suffer from this thing called self doubt and worthiness. There are already heaps of blogs about veganism, what could I possibly bring to the table? There are also heaps of blogs and YouTube clips on spirituality by people who are far more experienced than I, what could I add to this ever expanding consciousness that is of any value?

So I stalled. I found other things to do like binge watching Netflix, reading fantasy novels (not such a bad pastime) and reading and viewing more clips and blogs about spiritual and vegan matters, all in a dual attempt to avoid the inevitable and gain knowledge that I felt was lacking. Still, the nagging feelings kept up and eventually the whispers turned to screams and here I am.

I am not sure what I can bring to the collective, but spirit believes I have something to say and they haven’t steered me wrong so far. I’ll just have faith and trust that when the time comes my work will help someone. In the meantime, I will do it because I can’t handle the screams anymore! Enjoy!!