The Amazing Blessings of Reiki Healing

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I’ve recently been attuned as a Reiki Master again. I had to do it again, because my attempt to do things an easier way backfired, just like everything else I have tried to do the ‘easy way’. It looks easy, but it turns out it is the hard way for one reason or another. Long story short, I tried to avoid extra work, but instead made extra, extra work for myself!

So, I went back and did it the ‘hard way’. What I now have is a stronger connection with Reiki energy and perhaps myself. I understand my ego self on an entirely different level, one that I never imagined possible, which is an amazing blessing. I know I always had to go about it the way I did, or else I wouldn’t have learnt the lessons I have, and I am grateful. What it taught me is that the (my) ego is subtle, manipulative and extremely impatient. I would not have said I was in ego at the time, but it’s clear to me now that I was.

Like I said – Grateful.

As for the Reiki energy. Wow. Just… wow. It seems I am still adjusting to the energy and the last principle, assimilating it on a deeper level. But the results are just amazing.

I have an emotional meltdown about something (see, still assimilating that last principle!), send myself some Reiki while I sleep and the next morning I’m calm and strong enough to tackle the problem head on.

More recently, my car had yet another leaking issue. I sent the situation Reiki and the solution is found before 8 am the next morning – in time for me to get my car before work!

This solution did cost me money, but I was ‘oddly’ ok about it. I did also have to do something about it, it didn’t fix itself, but I went about it calmly and rationally. Best of all, I awoke that morning ready to stand up for myself if they again tried to bullshit me with some crap about leaves and berries in the sun roof’s drainage system. Turns out it was the seals on the windscreen all along, but the point is I was calm and strong enough to stand up for myself if I had to. I was ready to. This is something I have always struggled with as I never wanted to be a nuisance or appear bossy or pushy or bitchy or demanding or any of the countless other reasons strong women are vilified. But, this is another story…

It’s odd that it’s taken me almost 5 years to really understand this, but Reiki works. Not always in the way you expect it to, but it works.

You just have to release expectation and attachment to ‘how’ and ‘when’ and let it do its job.

After all, it is Universal Consciousness and we are simply fallible humans.

Spiritual Awakening

Gay Marriage: Why I don’t have the right to say

Today is a momentous day and it kind of makes me feel special. Today I got to choose whether two consenting adults who are in live and want to commit to each other for the rest of their lives should have the right to do so. Today, I held the fate of countless loving couples in the palm – no wait, the grip of my finger tips.

Ok, I wont go on, because frankly the whole thing makes me quite angry.

Australia is spending something like $122 million on this stupid postal vote for a topic we shouldn’t even be DISCUSSING, let alone voting on. A topic where my opinion SHOULD NOT MATTER, simply because I’M NOT GAY!

What right do I, a heterosexual female, have to prevent any one from marrying? It’s not like they are asking to be married in a Catholic Church by a priest, or a Mosque or a Synagogue! It’s a civil ceremony, done by a celebrant with no religious affiliation! No threat to your delicate religious sensibilities! What’s the harm? (I am choosing not to lump any form of Paganism in the ‘religious’ category, for many reasons, but mostly because most Pagan traditions aren’t against gay marriage.)

Maybe they are just jealous that two people of the same sex can find love, while they can’t seem to make their own relationships work? Many people who are unhappy do try to find ways of bringing other people down with them… Having said this, if they weren’t bigoted, small-minded, prejudiced morons they might be able to keep a partner! Anyway, this is kind of off the topic…

To me, it’s like asking men to decide what a woman can and can’t do with her own uterus. Don’t have one? Shut your mouth and let those who have one make the choice. I have recently decided the same in relation to circumcision. I don’t have a penis, so any decision regarding another person with one should not rest solely with me. When, and if, I have a son the final decision to circumcise will rest with the father – he has one, he should make the decision.

I can’t say I seriously considered boycotting the vote though. I know a few friends of mine did for the same reasons as me – we shouldn’t even be having the conversation, JUST DO IT! But, I know this would solve nothing. In fact, if all of the people sharing my opinion did not vote ‘yes’, then the ‘no’ vote would surely be overwhelming and I’m too stubborn to let the bigots win!

gaymarriageIf only there was an ‘I don’t care, because I’m not gay’ or ‘JUST DO IT’ option. Or maybe an ‘I am not gay, so I have no right to say’ option. At least that one rhymes…

My point is this – why are we spending so much time and money for something that could have been done and dusted within the space of an hour? Why are we wasting so many trees and ink and plastic and glue for this thing? Why couldn’t it just be ticked yes by the PTB and we could spend that money on education? I know many of public schools that could use the extra funding. Or health care? Or aged care? Not saying that this issue isn’t important, it just shouldn’t even be discussed this much. JUST DO IT!!

Why is the government making such a big deal about it? JUST DO IT!!!

Makes me wonder what else they changed while they had us distracted on this…… thoughtful

Spiritual Awakening

My First Case of Writer’s Block

I feel like I’m having my first real case of writer’s block. I haven’t even really journaled this week, and I usually do that at least 5 days out of 7. 

Part of me thinks it’s self-inflicted. I have been getting ideas, but instead of writing them down, I’m ignoring them because the timing is inconvenient. It might be too early or too late or I’m too tired and can’t be bothered. Sometimes it’s even a mix of a few of these. Perhaps the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ applies here? I didn’t use it, so I’ve lost it. Lost here implies I can find it again and is probably more in relation to the actual ideas I had being lost. 

Maybe that’s what this post is attempting to do – find it again. Anything. Maybe by simply writing something the flow will return? Maybe putting pen to paper or fingers to keys will stir my creative juices once again. Maybe forcing myself back into my garden will encourage my creativity to reawaken (I have neglected it this week too!) maybe even colouring in a bit? Here’s hoping…

I am intrigued that I am not even journaling at the moment. A lot has happened this year, much personal growth, many layers of my onion have been shed and I know I’m tired. Tired of constant introspection. Tired of the lessons, despite the fact I am stronger for them. Tired of the epiphanies. This personal growth thing is hard work. Totally worth it, but hard bloody work. Sometimes we just need a break. Some time to stop and assimilate all we’ve learned. 

Maybe that’s it, spirit is giving me a break. I haven’t had any major epiphanies for around 2 weeks now, so perhaps this is spirit giving me a break. Either that, or I’m blocking the epiphanies too?! 

One thing I know for sure now is that I have to just write it when it comes. My ruling 4 would like it to be all planned out and organised and routines, but creativity just isn’t like that. It comes when it comes, without warning. This has been the hardest lesson for me this life, going with the flow, allowing life to happen and embracing spontaneity. 

So this is what I’ll do – embrace the spontaneity and allow my muses to surprise me, honouring their efforts by actually writing down what comes into my head as it comes. Perhaps this is the first step to curing my writer’s block?  Wish me luck! 🍀


Do the animals need more love and light? 

I was talking with some friends the other day and the topic of animals came up. Namely what we are doing to them and their habitats. We all acknowledged that the state of the world’s environments and how we are treating animals is deplorable. I was in a highly emotional mood and ended up in tears about it. Sobbing in fact. What was their solution? To send the planet and the animal kingdom love, light and healing.

Are you kidding me? I got quite angry at this point, realising the hypocracy of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for sending love and healing to the planet, people and situations. I am a reiki master, so I believe (know) it works. Where the hypocracy lies, for me, is in the intention to heal the planet and then continuing to eat animals, the very thing we know is contributing to its destruction. You might as well do your healing while eating a salmon sandwich!

The logical part of my brain kicked in too. Energy cancels out. If you have one negative charge and one positive charge of the same value, add them together and you have zero. It’s the same in maths: 17 + -17 = 0. Always. In either order. So sending positive energy and healing to something then participating in the continuation of the very thing you want to heal? It cancels out! You may as well save your time and energy and just do nothing. The sad truth is that there is more negative energy pouring into this situation by people participating in it, than positive, so what ever positive energy is sent won’t even come close to totally cancelling out, let alone tipping the balance. Sending the positive would be a full time job, but most of us already have those! At some point sending love and light needs to be replaced with action. We need to stop adding to the negative charge. We need to acknowledge the shadow and then do something about it!

I totally understand that people need to come to things in their own time – my day job as a high school teacher taught me all about trying to get people to do things they don’t want to do. And I definitely need to have more compassion for people who have not made the connections I have, because the Gods know there are many much simpler ones I have failed to make, my recent connection about protein tells me that. I am far from perfect and I don’t need a devil’s advocate here, but I am trying.


We can send all the love and light we want, and I totally encourage it! But first we need to recognise that our own actions are contributing to the situation in the first place and change our approach. We need to stop adding to the situation by removing ourselves as much as possible from it. It doesn’t even have to be overnight, changes like this are massive and need time. My transition took around 6 months, and half of that I wasn’t even aware I was heading to this point. I just know that this situation isn’t going to change while good people stand by and do nothing.


When you can’t see the trees for the forest…

Sometimes it takes me a little longer to get things other people take for granted. You see, I am a highly intelligent person, extremely analytical and logical. This means I don’t have a lot of common sense and I’m surprised I haven’t been hit by a car while crossing the road or starved to death for the want of boiled water.

Sometimes the connections between things are so obvious my highly intelligent mind fails to see them. I tend to think things are more complicated than they really are. Someone has to point out the obvious to me. Like the other day. Massive revelation.

And what was this obvious link, you all ask in breathless anticipation? Wait for it…

The protein we eat is the same protein we have in our bodies that helps create our cells.

The protein we eat is the same stuff that, if you have enough of it, makes your hair curly.

The protein we eat is the same squiggly stuff from Biology 1001, the university course I took a few years ago.

Primary, secondary and tertiary protein cell structure.


So, I went back and had a look at the notes to see what was really going on. I had started my search with a single question – why is protein so important that everyone is so concerned that us vegans don’t get enough? This led me to a few sites which all told me that it is the structural component of cells, it is used in tissue repair, helps in cell communication and development and makes up your vital organs. This is when the revelation hit me like a ton of excited bricks – yes, I did get excited, but I’m a nerd like that.

What did I re-learn from my biology course? Proteins are made up of many amino acids, called the ‘building blocks’ of life. They join together in polypeptide bonds and perform certain functions depending on their make up. Some catalyse the initial phase of mitosis, or cell replication, which is what heals our scraped knee or over-exercised muscles. Others are the same things that sit in our cell membranes and allow hormones and other biomolecules in or out of the cell. Some aid in the production and transportation of hormones, they tell us when to make and release adrenalin.

Taken from the course notes, the protein is the green one…


The more I look back at the notes from Biology 1001, the more I am stunned it has taken me almost 2 years to make this connection. I didn’t even make it when I was taking the course!!

I knew protein was important, but now I know why.

Sometimes my failure at common sense connections astounds me. But, the excitement when the revelation does come is very real.