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Manifestation Magic

I’ve been manifesting like a magician lately.

I’ll think ‘I wouldn’t mind X’ and then within 2 weeks, I’ve got it. It has mostly been superficial stuff, like earrings or sandals, but it’s working so quickly these days. Sometimes even with 48 hours.

The key is that I’m surrendering. I’m asking and then allowing Spirit to send it to me, or guide me to it, whichever the case may be. I’m releasing expectation or attachment to the outcome and quite literally people are offering me the things I’ve been asking for. I have to pay for them, but in my world everything requires an energy exchange of some sort.

So, this part is fantastic! Plus the part where I’m releasing expectations and attachments – finally surrendering – feels amazing!

But, like most things in this world, there’s a dark side to manifesting. Insert appropriate Yin and Yang reference here.

What most of us don’t realize, including myself up until very recently, is that we often manifest the bad too. Since manifestation comes from thought energy, we are quite literally creating our thoughts in the physical.

A friend of mine recently spoke to me about this. She felt she had manifested her house getting robbed. After checking with her that her thoughts were not in fact ‘Spirit nudges’ telling her to beware, it would appear she did. She put so much energy into the thought it opened up her energy for it.

I have to stress here there is no blame or judgement, only understanding. Now she (in fact we) is fully aware of her power, she can channel it into positive things.

I myself am responsible for my own dark manifestations, though mine are more emotional than physical. If I look back over past friendships and relationships, I realize I have manifested certain emotional reactions or outcomes based on expectations within myself. My thoughts have literally created my reality. They’ll always hurt or betray you. You’re not good enough for them and they don’t like you anyway. I then behave in a certain way, unconscious as it is, that the expected outcome manifests. They leave. They hurt or betray me. They stop talking to me or I lose their respect in some way.

I’m not saying these people don’t have their own role in outcomes or that I’m God and can make people act a certain way, but my own expectations influence events as they unfold. Maybe if I looked back some of these statements could be changed ‘they’ to ‘I’. Certainly in the romantic relationships it works – I leave. I stop talking to them or they lose my respect. I hurt or betray them. This last one is hard to accept as I never thought I would ever, but now is the time to be honest with myself and I can’t honestly say it’s impossible.

So, while we are manifesting our dream job, or favourite car, or even our soul mate, what else are we manifesting? What other thoughts are we giving our power to that is creating our circumstances? If we can manifest the good with our thoughts, it stands to reason that we can also manifest the bad.

Our powers of manifestation aren’t reserved for the positive circumstances. in a world of duality, we need to be aware of the dark.


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