Pets and Soul Contracts

We are all aware that people enter our lives for a reason. The saying actually goes ‘a reason, a season or a lifetime’. This might be anyone from the random at the bus stop with the unique perspective, or the twin flame or soul mate with whom you live happily ever after. Whatever the circumstance, most of us are aware that soul contracts exist between us and these people, contracts that are being completed as we interact with each other in this lifetime.

But what about animals? Do these beautiful, unconditionally loving creatures come into our lives for a particular reason? Do we have a soul contract with a pet? Do we exist in the same soul group and keep incarnating together?

Being Guided by Spirit

Before I answer these questions, I’d like to share a little synchronicity that occurred in relation to this topic.

The day I wrote the first draft for this post I was headed to a family gathering that was around 40 minutes from my house. As I often do when driving, I searched through my podcasts to find something interesting to listen to. I chose one called Soul Contracts & Soul Families by Soul Doctor, Rebecca Dettman. It was only a short reference, but in it she refers to pets as being a part of our soul circle and fulfilling Soul Contracts, so follow the link to listen to her perspective. After this podcast, I knew I was on the right path. So, for my answer, if you haven’t guessed already…

Do soul contracts exist between us and our pets?

My experience is yes. Yes, we can exist in the same soul group with the soul of an animal. Yes, they can reincarnate. And yes, they certainly can teach us lessons that might be more difficult coming from another being.

My beautiful cat, Eddie Treebird, is one such soul.

Eddie Treebird. The second half of his name was given to him by my then 5 year old niece.

Reincarnating Furbabies

As for reincarnation, this is definitely true. My brother, whose own cat gave birth to Eddie, had said when Eddie was just a few weeks old that he reminded my brother of another cat we had had in our younger years, and that I had to adopt this kitten from him. He truly believes that Eddie is the reincarnation of Fatty, our beloved Ginger cat who had died about 10 years prior. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, until his highly intuitive daughter kept calling Fatty by Eddie’s name in a photo my brother has. She is only 4, but I know children are highly intuitive, and this one especially. Since then I have taken it more seriously.

It is true they are both very large cats, but this in and of itself wasn’t enough to convince me. Eddie certainly hunts more than Fatty ever did, so this threw me also. What is similar is the way they both actively seek out affection. Both cats are only happy when around people, receiving loving pats and scratches. Also, both cats are extremely trusting of people. So, it would seem Fatty has evolved into a more active cat in Eddie! More than all this, it is the way we look at and connect with each other. There is a certainty that we are supposed to be together. (I won’t say I own him, because anyone with cats knows you don’t own them, they own you!) I look into his eyes and I know him on a much deeper level than ‘owner’. It’s just a feeling. A strong feeling.

Fatty, originally named Junior, got his name after breast feeding off of both his Mother and adoptive Aunty for the first 18 months of his life.

Pets as teachers

Eddie has taught me so much about giving unconditional love, as well as accepting it from another. I have had to accept him for the tart he is; he spends a lot of time with other families in the street and is often the reason why I even meet my neighbours in the first place! (Perhaps there is another lesson here?) I have had to accept him as the wild child who doesn’t like to be indoors, the independent master of his own life, and the needy affectionate being he is. He has taught me how to love another free of conditions and completely as they are. He has also taught me to slow down, face my demons and be grounded. His constant need for affection and attention has forced me to be home way more than I would have been without him. This has lead me to periods of great introspection and purging that I would have avoided had I not felt I needed to be home to spend time with him. For this I am completely grateful!

I have also had to learn that I am worthy of receiving this love in return. He is one of the most affectionate animals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It might seem to most people that it is his nature as a cat to see me as a slave to his every whim, but I truly believe that when I am patting him we are sharing love. Unconditionally. I often feel a sense of intimacy, of knowing the true nature of our own souls, that I don’t get with anyone else in my life.

So it would seem that animals can and do reincarnate with the same people, perhaps even as members of their soul family. That animals are here to teach us lessons, perhaps about love or kindness or compassion or caring for another soul. That they might see ‘lifetime’ in the plural and keep coming back. Perhaps they just like our souls and enjoy spending lives with us.

Or perhaps they too are on their own journey of soul evolution towards the same goal as us – whatever that is. Perhaps as they teach us about love, kindness and compassion, we are teaching them about dependence, obedience (in some cases) and unconditional love.

With the universe, anything is possible.

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