Spiritual Awakening

The Holier-Than-Thou Effect: overcoming self-righteousness.

We’ve all been there. At least once. It usually comes from something we’ve learned about ourselves, the world or spirituality.

We understand immediately that not everyone else knows this, or comes close to seeing it, and some of us start to feel superior. As if we are part of a secret club that is separate from and better than everyone else. We start preaching to people about how this truth will change their lives.

For others, including myself, this feeling of separation leads to intense loneliness. In an attempt to overcome this, we start trying to help people by preaching our truth to them, hoping they too see what we see and come and join us.

This is what I call the Holier-than-thou Effect. The self-righteous behaviour and attitudes that are the result of feelings of separateness or superiority through our own personal growth and healing.

The main behaviour sees us preaching our ‘holier-than-thou’ truth to all and sundry. We see that other people are struggling and, out of a desire to help, start providing unsolicited advice about what they should do to help themselves.

This is the key, it is unsolicited. We take it upon ourselves to point out what we see about other people’s behaviours and attitudes and how they are blocking them from reaching their full potential.

And we value our advice. It came from years of experience. What better advice is there than from someone who has ‘been there, done that’?

But our advice falls on deaf ears. We become frustrated at our thwarted attempts to help these people. We question over and over why they can’t see what is plainly and clearly in front of them, sometimes within them. We don’t understand why they just don’t accept what we are telling them and commit to our suggestions for moving forward.

The truth is that what worked for us, and hopefully continues to do so, worked because we are who we are. It worked because we were ready to hear the message. It worked because we were ready to do the work.

What worked for us may not work for other people, because they come with their own unique set of programs, patterns and experiences. Reiki changed my life. That doesn’t guarantee that it will for my neighbour. Essential oils have helped me with so many physical and emotional issues. That doesn’t guarantee it will for my sister. Being vegan changed my life and allowed me to fully accept and love myself for who I am. That doesn’t mean it will for my best friend.

These things worked because they are igniting a part of who I am. They are tapping into my own individual soul’s vibration and unlocking the blocks to my own happiness. It is my own recipe for peace.

Someone else’s recipe might be kinesiology, nutrition, counselling, theta healing, crystals, angelic reiki, past life regression work, dance, Kundalini work, medication, art therapy, yoni massage, yoga, Zumba, chakra clearing… The list goes on.

What worked for us may not work for someone else.

Being self-righteous and preaching our truth to people who don’t want to or aren’t ready to listen only drives a bigger and bigger wedge between them and us. In some cases this wedge becomes that large we can no longer reach each other.

We must learn to wait until they come to us. We must be patient and compassionate with people who we know are clearly in need of healing. They must come to the path of their healing journey on their own. We must also accept that they may never be ready.

All we need to do is hold space for them when they are ready.

Spiritual Awakening

Veganism and Spiritual Awakening

I have recently celebrated my first vegan anniversary, my Veganniversary. It has and continues to be an interesting journey.

There were a few things I expected to change. I expected to shed kilos. I expected my palette to change over time. I expected to have more energy, although this last has been sporadic for reasons that will become clear shortly. I expected to experience better overall health.

Other things happened that I wasn’t expecting. The negative reactions to my choice. The amount of ‘assumptions’ I had about diet. That people continue to accept these assumptions, despite my best efforts to the contrary. The judgement both inside and outside of the vegan community.

Most of all I wasn’t expecting the spiritual side of me to gain momentum. I have been on a spiritual journey for at least 5 years, intentionally cultivating my skills and growing as a person. Not in all that time have I had such profound and fast changes inside of myself and with my skills.

These are some areas in my spiritual life that have changed in the last 12 months:

  1. Becoming more sensitive to energies and emotions: I have always been highly sensitive, an empath. I had just learned, through years of bullying and being told I’m too sensitive, to shut it down. Now, since removing animal products from my diet, it’s all flooding back to the surface. I am way more sensitive than I ever knew, which certainly brings its own challenges. Despite this, I feel that now I am filling my body with high energy foods, my channels have opened up further and I am becoming way more aware and sensitive to energies.
  2. Quicker Manifestation: Along with this comes the other amazing characteristics of a spiritually awakened life – manifestation. I am manifesting things so much quicker these days! Obviously the smaller the desire, the easier it is to come to you, but I am manifesting sometimes within hours! I am vibrating at a higher rate, which is allowing all the positive things I always wanted to come to me. They are now attracted to me, rather than being repelled.
  3. Accelerated Personal Growth: This is perhaps the negative or lesser known side of manifestation – manifesting situations that trigger your crap to be healed! When events or situations occur now though, I am getting the lessons quicker. This is allowing me to move forward at a much faster pace, which means the lessons also come quicker. My brain is not foggy anymore, so I can see my own patterns and behaviours much clearer. I have released so much this last 12 months, and as I continue to delve deeper into the onion of my inner self, I become stronger and stronger, able to deal with the really deep, traumatic stuff. This has lead to me being sick for most of the last 12 months and experiencing bouts of low motivation and fatigue. As I release the emotions, trauma or patterns there is a physiological reaction as the energy leaves, usually cold or flu like symptoms, headaches and general lethargy. Then I get a nice break for a few weeks where I am walking tall!
  4. Increased Intuition: My intuition has really kicked in, stronger than ever before. It is not being dampened by negative or lower energy foods, so it is able to get my attention more. I am still working on the habit of rationalising my nudges and learning to trust it, but I am able to hear it clearer in the first place and that’s a huge step for me.
  5. Deeper Meditations: I have been meditating for a few years now and have had some amazing experiences. None of them prepared me for what most often happens now. I don’t go anywhere or see anything much anymore, I used to go on some amazing adventures with dinosaurs and fairies and the like. Now, I mostly just sit in the energy and listen to the music. What is deeper is the change after I meditate. I immediately notice the change in my own energy, even after a short 15 minute meditation. Now that I am not clogging my body with low energy or processed foods, my meditations have a more profound effect on my energy, clearing away negativity and promoting higher increases in my vibration than ever before. I feel so much more calm and at peace after a meditation and I am totally grateful and happily surprised by this change.

I hope I have explained this last one effectively. All of these changes have lead me to a deeper connection to myself and Spirit, whether it be my guides, angels, deity or whatever the reality of Source actually is. I feel way more connected in general and I can only attribute it to the change in diet. Doreen Virtue talked years ago, in a book I can no longer remember the title to, about the negative effect of meat on your vibration, I just didn’t think it could be this amazing.

Please, if you have experienced similar or different changes, I would love to hear about them. ๐Ÿ˜

Good luck and happy vibration raising!!


The Truth About Control

I used to think that being a control-freak was about deflecting the failure to control my inner world onto the outer world. That I could not control or accept my deepest feelings, so I ignored them and focused on gaining control in the external world.

I have since realised the exact opposite is true.

It was this inner control that was reflected in my being a control freak in the physical.

I had so much desire to have complete control over emotional expression, and that was what was reflected in my outer world. I had to control every aspect of my life, my emotions, feelings, external events. All of it.

Since allowing myself to release some of this control I have come to fully understand the second part of the saying “As above, so below. As within, so without”.

As I have allowed myself to surrender to all aspects of life, I have allowed myself to feel deep emotions and feelings, to accept myself as an emotional person, as well as the emotions themselves. This has lead to amazingly deep and fulfilling healing. Hard, but worth it.

I have also noticed that the more I delve into my inner world, the more relaxed I am in the outer.

Or perhaps, it is the opposite. The more I release control of my external world and realise that I have no control over the physical, the more my internal is able to bubble up to be dealt with. The more I realise I have no control other than the choices I make in the moment, I discover that I have the strength to face my issues and heal them through unconditional love and acceptance of what is.

Either way, I am now accepting my emotions and dealing with them, which in turn is allowing me to go with the flow more.

I am finding truth in the idea of strength in vulnerability.

Being vulnerable to your emotions is to allow life to flow and yourself to be in the present. This also encourages you to make decisions in the moment based on what is real, and not from your repressed pain or fear.

Attempting to control any aspect of your life is to stop the flow. It puts limitations on your potential. It keeps you stuck in past patterns and programs, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Being a control-freak is a sign of an intense internal battle, not a weak mind or heart.

As above, so below. As within, so without.


Why we need to stop saying โ€˜Spirit is telling me…โ€™

People around me have always used the term ‘Spirit is telling me…’ (often it is ‘My Guides’, but it still amounts to the same thing.)

Whether it was to say something or to do something, people will often use the ‘Spirit is telling me’ line when doing so.

Even if it is telling someone something they know the other person doesn’t want to hear. ‘Spirit is telling me to tell you……’

This needs to stop and I’ll tell you why.

We need to take responsibility for our own lives. We were given free will for a reason and so many of us seem to have forgotten that.

Sure, Spirit might tell me to turn left instead of my usual right, but I have free will whether I choose to do so or not.

Spirit might tell us something about a person or a situation, but we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are willing to take the responsibility for the accompanying action or consequence. Whether we like it or not, our actions and words are our responsibility.

Spirit might tell you that your bestie’s new boyfriend isn’t the one, despite her loud proclamations to the contrary. Do you accept the responsibility for telling her? Do you accept the responsibility for what happens after you do? If not, then don’t say anything! It is her journey and she probably won’t listen to you anyway. I never did… It will more than likely result in little more than friction and built up tension between the two of you. Are you willing to accept that responsibility?

The fact is, what we say and do is 100% our responsibility. We ultimately choose to act on guidance or not. We need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words and not blame Spirit. They aren’t telling us to speak or to act, they just give guidance or advice. Like advice or guidance from another human, we can choose whether to act on it or not.

Often, I find people use this excuse to say something mean, which is obviously not coming from Spirit, their guides or even their higher selves, because these aspects of us would never tell us to say anything nasty or unkind.

Also, people often do the verbal conversation for show. The ‘oh, yea’ and the ‘I’m getting to that’ or whatever it comes out as. They talk to the sky above them as if hearing it from a seperate being.

To me, people who do these things are clearly in ego. Why else would they need to make a big show of communicating with Spirit? We can all do it, they aren’t any different or better or more special than us and there is nothing wrong with us if we don’t! (Ok, there is probably a bit of my own ego in this last bit and I am learning not to react to ego from my own ego, but apparently this is a process.)

My main point is this, stop putting accountability or responsibility for what you say and do onto Spirit. We have free will. Use it.

Spiritual Awakening

Practising the Art of Surrender

When you start your journey of personal growth, one of the first things people tell you is to ‘surrender’. ‘Let it go’. ‘Hand it over to spirit/god/angels/insert-your-chosen-deity-here’.

As if it was as easy as brushing your teeth.

For me, it was far from easy, or simple.

I struggled for years with this concept. Even read books about it. Letting Go: The Path to Surrender by David R. Hawkins was one such tome. A couple hundred pages about just letting shit go. Sounds simple right? Nope… not for this little control freak!!

(It was a good read despite my lack of comprehension and application of the core message, so if you struggle with surrender, give it a go!)

I just couldn’t figure it out. How was I supposed to let go of something I couldn’t physically hold on to in the first place? How do I surrender my goals to this unknown yet totally powerful force? What is it that one actually does? How do I let shit go?

You don’t have to do anything

This was my first big lesson. As a ruling 4 who lived almost entirely out of her masculine self, total Knight of Wands type, I always felt I had to do something. Turns out the exact opposite is required here.

Don’t do anything. Just be. It took Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, to help me understand the art of being. I didn’t have to do anything, just be. Bring myself to the present and ask myself the question ‘what do I have to do right now?’ Or ‘what is my biggest problem right now?’ More often than not, the answer was ‘nothing’.

This was the first step to understanding the art of surrender.

Stop trying to figure it out

This one was always a problem for me. My natural go to default is to try and figure it out. As a ruling 4, I thrive on working out the principles and mechanics behind something. ‘Show me how it works and I’ve got it!’ Or ‘tell me why and I’ll understand!’ This just doesn’t work for some things. Especially surrender. There are no mechanics, no moving parts, no major principles to be understood. It is a complete and simple concept right from the outset. Let go.

I suppose one component could be ‘don’t worry’, but that just brought a whole host of other questions along with it. Namely ‘how?’ How does one ‘not worry?’ And for a Reiki Master, you’d think I’d have this one sorted by now, right? ‘Just for today I will not worry.’ Yea, right! Turns out Being is a good answer for this one too.

Acceptance is key

I had to learn this one the long way around. It wasn’t until I explained it to a friend that I realised I understood it and was able to assimilate it. Stop trying to force things into being. Stop trying to make things the way you think they should be. See things as they are and accept them. The time will come for you to change them, but often you can’t because they involve other people who are as stubborn as you are! Or more so!!

Again, bring yourself back to this question: ‘what do I have to do right now?’ And if there’s an answer, great! Do it. If not, just be.

Maybe another way to word the question would be ‘what can I do right now?’ This one helps with decisions that have been made for which you don’t have a clear path. This one I have used a lot in the last few weeks. Stable work was suddenly turned back into unstable work and I started to see other possibilities for my future. I also started to worry about finding money for my Cambodia trip that needs to be paid for in 2 weeks. I had spent all my savings through the school holidays on sea kayaks, tattoos and yoga retreats and I was counting on this stable job to get me there.

I had to bring myself back to the present by asking myself ‘what can I do about it right now?’ ‘Nothing’ was, and still is, the response. At least until next pay day when it becomes ‘pay off the trip’, at which point I will do. Until then, I will do ‘nothing’.

In the meantime, I have to accept that I no longer had a stable income and that there was not a damn thing I could do to change it. There are no jobs going this early in the year. I’ll accept the 4 weeks notice they have to give me for the end of my contract and do my best to do what I need toย with that. I’ll accept my trip for whatever it turns out to be. Even if I have to watch what I spend while I’m there.

Practise, not Practice

The basic idea with surrender is to accept what is, be present and stop trying to figure it out.

It is something you have to work on every moment. It becomes easier to catch yourself, but you will always have to ask yourself those questions to bring you back to the present.

This is why ‘practise’ is a verb, not a noun. Surrender is something that becomes part of your daily practise. It is something you may never be perfect at, but you can be perfect in the attempt.

The weirdest part of all of this is the subtlety of the lessons. There was no big flash of insight. No bright light smacking me in the forehead and downloading the information. No booming voice.

Just a series of small events that provided pieces of the puzzle that eventually just fit.

It wasn’t until two events in January that I realised I had surrendered.

The first was the drenched tent at my yoga retreat. I was totally calm throughout the whole ‘ordeal’, whereas a couple of months ago I would have been a dramatic mess! The answer to ‘What do I have to do right now?’ was ‘fix the tent pegs, because the outer layer is touching the inner layer allowing water to get in easier’. Camping 101.

So, I fixed it, despite the pouring rain. Later the answer became ‘sleep in a dry place’ and I went and asked one of the retreat guests if I could stay in her room.

Then it became ‘dry my mattress and get protective tarps in case it happens again.’ You get the picture. I surrendered to what was, allowing me to easily find solutions to the problem.

The second was the job thing I mentioned earlier. Even as I write this the answer is still ‘nothing. Just go to work until your contract officially ends.’ I have to stop trying to figure out what losing the job means in terms of me moving to another line of work. Is it time? Does this mean it’s meant to be? What is spirit’s plan? I am still falling into the ‘I have to work it out and have a plan’ pattern. Apparently it’s a process. One that I am determined to follow through to the end.

Whatever. Que sera, sera.



Practical Guide to Protecting Against Negative Energy

There is a lot of information out there on how to protect your energy from negativity, psychic attacks and the like.

What I notice is a lot of the practices require you to find a quiet place, centre yourself, take 10 deep breaths and basically go into a meditative state.

This is fine if you have plenty of spare time, but a lot of us don’t.

And they don’t always help in the moment.

Sure, you can white light bubble before you leave the house, but this only helps so far. Especially for us empaths, who always tend towards the open, helping kind of energy before we learn to shield it out. No amount of grounding, white light and crystals helped me when I would just go out and be ‘open’ anyway.

I had to learn this one very important lesson, as do many of us highly sensitive people.


You must be aware of what is happening inside of you at any given moment. You must be present in your own mind and heart so that when negative energy does come your way, you are aware of it.

Sometimes it is so very subtle and it builds quietly in the background like a peasant revolt. They quietly gather their forces, a person here and another two there, biding their time. All of a sudden they strike, and you have no clue who you are, where you are or what day it is.

Self-awareness allows you to recognise when the peasants are massing and take action before they get too powerful.

You can see the little negative thoughts or feelings and nip them in the bud before they can flower.

The ‘how’ is the interesting part. You don’t need to sit in a quiet place or meditate, burn sage, chant mantras or cover yourself in crystals. Unless you want to, and I often do. But these things don’t help in the moment.

Here are some things you can do ‘in the moment’ to stop the cloud growing:

1. White light bubble: yep, white light bubble. But, you don’t have to sit quietly anywhere. Just see the bubble around you and quickly visualise the negativity going back out, either to the source or the universe for healing. Your bubble doesn’t have to be white either. It can be gold, pink, green, even a tinted window, you know the ones that reflect the light? They kind of look like a hematite to me, but the purpose is to reflect the energy back.

2. Call on your guides, guardian angels, etc: They are always there, waiting to be of service. You don’t need to meditate to call on them, they are that reliable friend who never lets you down or cancels or goes on holiday. All you have to do is think ‘help’ and trust they will do what needs to be done.

3. Cutting cords: cords attach between us and other people all the time. Some only for a while, but with those particularly negative or needy people, they can stay and drain you of your life force. Luckily, there is an easy method to use to get rid of them! I simply visualise a giant, magical sword swinging down in front of and behind me, affirm that all unnecessary cords and attachments are now severed and ask my inner light to heal the etheric wound. You don’t need to go anywhere quiet or alone, just visualise this sword cutting the cords mid-conversation. You’ll probably have heaps of time to do this (it only takes a second!), because most negative people are only talking at you anyway. They will welcome the chance to continue talking. And you can let them, safe in the knowledge that you are protected.

These are three techniques that I use all the time. There are plenty of others you can do once the conversation is over, but these will help you in particularly potent negative energy and stop it growing.

Spiritual Awakening

Loneliness and Spiritual Awakening

There is a lot of information out there about the loneliness phase of the spiritual awakening process. If you don’t know what these two things are and how they are connected, go to YouTube and put ‘loneliness’ and ‘spiritual awakening’ in the search and take your pick! Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back! ๐Ÿ˜

So, the loneliness phase. I went through it, and pretty much all of the people who write about spiritual awakening have as well. We survived it. So will you.

For me, the hardest part was the feeling that I didn’t fit anymore. Who am I kidding? I never let like I fit! But it’s even more evident now as I look around the world and observe people.

The more I awaken to my true self, the more people in everyday situations don’t interact with me. The more I shine my light, the more people shy away.

I kind of had an inkling about why this is, but this morning it just hit me like a tonne of bricks. Ok, maybe not that hard. More like a pillow in the face. Subtle, but you know it’s there. And the feeling lingers.

People don’t interact with you when you’re whole, because they can no longer get anything from you.

This is why some friendships die off. In essence, you no longer feed into their control drama, so they avoid you. Sometimes these friendships will end in an explosion of anger and tears, other times they’ll just die off like a fire with no kindling. Either way, you end up alone.

People can not get your energy, nor give you theirs, because you are filling up from a different source, Source itself. You are no longer on the hamster wheel of energetic exchange, and people don’t know how to cope. So, they avoid you all together.

This can be lonely, but also liberating in that you are totally free to be you.

It also leaves enough time and space in your life for those people who can handle your energy. Who vibrate at the same frequency. Who will shine and grow with you, rather than try and keep you at their level.

If you’re going trough this, just know it won’t last forever. My advice is to learn to be your own best friend. This way you are never alone.

I also hope that this revelation helps you to understand what is happening on a deeper level. You might be totally aware of what is going on with you, but understanding people’s changing reactions can help soften the blow.

We just need to keep reminding ourselves to have compassion – for them and for ourselves. We are going through a major change and need to go easy on ourselves. The people around us are often still asleep, and they need our compassion, for they know not what they do, or why.

Just don’t get back on the hamster wheel. You’ve come too far to turn back now!


Happy Veganniversary: what Iโ€™ve learnt about the world

Today marks my first anniversary of deciding to commit to ‘this vegan thing’.

I’d done Veganuary and felt confident that I was on the right track. My reasons started out based on health, but over January 2017 had evolved into ethical and environmental ones.

My eyes were open and there was no going back.

Little did I realise that the next 12 months would be some of the most challenging of my entire life. They would also be some of the most rewarding.

To mark my 1st Veganniversary I thought I’d share my new found truths.

What I’ve learned along my Veganism Journey

  1. A lot of my general knowledge was actually unsupported assumptions. Surely they just put a cow and a bull in a paddock and let em work it out for themselves? No. A million times no. Artificial insemination makes perfect sense from a business perspective – why leave something so important to chance? But the cows will need to be milked anyway, or they’ll get mastitis, right? No. A trillion times no. No other mammal continues to produce milk after a certain time after birth, why do we think cows are any different?
  2. Free range doesn’t necessarily guarantee humane. In a dark barn with barely enough room to move isn’t the free range they show you on the packets!
  3. Protein is not as important as the meat industry wants us to believe. Most of my sources (books, nutrition courses, websites and documentaries) tell us we only need around 80mg of protein in a day. Anything more than this will be eliminated from our bodies as waste. This we can get through a variety of plant foods, such as beans, almonds and sunflower seeds, in abundance. Plus, we can plan to get exactly what we need, rather than overdosing and using vital energy eliminating the excess from our bodies. Seems like simple math to me!!
  4. No matter what facts you give people, admitting they were mislead is very difficult. And I’ll say ‘mislead’ as opposed to wrong, because wrong would indicate a conscious decision was made. This is rarely the case in society. Maybe it’s a pride thing, who knows! There have been less than a handful of people I’ve spoken to about the impacts of animal agriculture, backed up by statistics, who don’t choose to ignore or forget what they heard and continue to do what they always did. Health of the planet, be damned!
  5. No amount of ‘shorter showers’ will come close to the amount of water I’ve saved. Using the stats given in Cowspiracy, converted to the metric system, for each kilogram of meat I don’t consume, I’m saving over 5000 litres of water. That’s 500 “shorter showers” a week! A WEEK!!! Why doesn’t the Australian Waterboard give us those statistics??
  6. Being vegan doesn’t guarantee compassion. This one breaks my heart. To profess so much compassion for animals and then not show it to your fellow species is not only sad, but hypocritical as well. Under this heading comes tolerance as well, but in the form of a lack of tolerance for people doing their best and living by their rules. Vegans can be among the most judgemental people I have ever come across. I thought indoctrination was only for the religious? Apparently I was wrong.
  7. People think they are being funny when they show you pictures of dead animals. This has really mostly been from teenagers, but I’ve had adults make jokes about me eating their chicken salad for lunch. We don’t go around showing them pictures of things that offend and upset them, like dead babies or decapitated human heads, so why do they do this to us? It’s blatant disrespect and, done enough, bullying and harassment.
  8. Sometimes you are surprised by the least likeliest of people. Some family and friends have been ultra supportive of my choice, even choosing to eat with me when they have other options. I know it is highly unlikely these people will ever become vegan, but I can appreciate when they support my choice and show it with their forks! It’s even better when you can have a decent conversation with them where they listen to your reasons and engage in a positive way!
  9. There is a such thing as a fat vegan and I’m fast becoming one! I am only a little bit sad to say the clincher for my choice was discovering that French Fries were vegan! Oh, happy day!! And this was before So Good and Over the Moo released their dairy free ice cream…
  10. Sometimes it seems animal products are in literally everything! From hot chocolate powder to plastic bags, animal agriculture seems to have its claws in all our commonly used products! Luckily for us, most things can be easily replaced. Equally lucky is that most restaurants always have hot chips on the menu!

I am sure there is plenty more that could and should go on this list, but these are the stand out lessons for me!

Let me know what you’ve learned on your journey and let’s see if we can’t spread the word together!!

And for whenever yours is…

Happy Veganniversary!!