Learning to let go and accept… again…

I have this nasty habit of trying to teach people to be better, of trying to highlight other people’s problems to them in an effort to get them to see these and fix them. It’s as if I have taken on the responsibility of their growth for myself and put all of my energy into getting them to be better people.

It’s a natural part of me for a few reasons: I am a natural born teacher, not just by trade; I am a ruling 4, which are the natural helpers and doers of the world; and, I know just how beneficial personal growth can be because I’ve done a lot of it already.

It seems a part of my growth is still to let go and accept people for who they are in any given moment. It also stands to reason, as one of my karmic lessons is the 4, but learning when to give my help and when to step back is still a major block for me.

I have recently had the opportunity to work on this area again. I wont go into too much personal detail here, but suffice to say, I saw someone struggling and doing things in a way that wasn’t for their highest or best good and tried to get them to see this and change.

All it ended up doing was causing strain within the relationship and exhaustion within myself.

So, I’ve let it go. I have accepted that sometimes people just don’t want to let go of their baggage and all I need to do is be there and support them when and if they ask for it. I have learned that sometimes people just need unconditional love and acceptance of who and where they are in this moment. I have also learned to ‘choose my battles’, especially to discern whether the battle is even mine in the first place.

Sometimes the only thing a person can do is plant a seed. It is up to the other people whether is grows or not.

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