This blog will seek to mix my two passions: ethical living and spirituality. Not that I think it will be that hard, both seem to me to be a lifestyle that should be adopted wholeheartedly. ‘Walk the walk’ as they say.

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While I’ve only been vegan since January 2017, I have been on a spiritual journey for much longer – one could say my whole life, but I usually like to give it the precise date of 2011. I have always been interested in the supernatural, mythology, witches, witchcraft and magic, but my serious journey started after a serious bout of depression led me to my first reiki healing session. Eventually I started my own reiki journey and haven’t looked back. Through the years I have studied tarot, numerology, reiki, crystals, energy, mythology, meditation, counselling and aromatherapy, and read many books on spiritual subjects, about which I hope to do book reviews.

I continue to receive, a lot of inspiration while on my journey. The lists below are both an acknowledgement list and a way for me to access my favourite blogs or YouTube sites. This will be a dynamic list, so keep an eye on it for new content. Feel free to have a look at them yourself!

Victor Oddo
Teal Swan
Christie Marie Sheldon
Book of Eucalypt 
The Minimalists
The Vegan Babe

If I was a Sim, I would definitely not have the ‘natural cook’ trait. For a lot of my masterpieces, I rely on the work of those Sims who do have this trait. Here are a list of some of my favourite sites for recipes:

A Saucy Kitchen
Minimalist Baker

This seems to be an evolving page, as I start to fully emerge from my cocoon and begin to add more and more about me and my journey. Maybe one day it will get an overhaul, but I am coming to terms with the fact that nothing in life is perfect or complete, it just is.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

Namaste xx

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