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Getting back to Me

What a bloody roller coaster of a month! Yes, it has probably been that long since I blogged…

Over the last month I have had a lot going on – I’ve lost friendships, realised I was changing who I was (yet again!) to fit someone else’s ideals, realised that anxiety may be more of a problem for me than I realise and stood up for myself and said ‘no’ to a situation and felt amazing for it.

Maybe each of these could be a blog within itself.

I guess, the point of this blog is to reconnect with my creativity in writing, to reconnect with me. As I have said, I spent a lot of this year moulding who I was to be accepted by other people, people who turned out not the be worth my time.

I was whole, complete and at peace, and I made myself lose this just to fit someone’s unspoken expectations. I stopped doing friendship my way – out of love/want rather than attachment/need – and did it their way, complete with the attachment and conditions I had grown out of. It seems there were more lessons in this for me to learn.

And I now realise I had learned what complete independence means: the full reliance on yourself for everything you need. You stop looking to others to fulfil your needs. You stop asking others to accept and approve of you. You don’t need them in your life, you want them in it, because they add value to your life in some way.

This independence must have been too much for these people to bear, as I was labelled ‘hot and cold’ in my approach to this friendship. I allowed this statement to affect my perception of myself and to think that I was doing friendships ‘wrong’.

I now realise that this person was attached to me, as if I would heal her in some way. And, 6 months before this I would have. I would have given all of myself to help her, to try to heal her, and ended up exhausted. She was unfortunately a few months too late.

I did get embroiled in this attachment, I won’t lie. But, I am happy in the fact that it was only for 2 months, not 12, or longer. I must be assimilating some things!!

Anyway, this is an attempt to get back to me, to get back to wholeness and peace. To reconnect with who I am, with that state of independence. To honour my creativity and to relearn to love myself.

I hope it works. 😁

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Putting Knowledge into Practice

Sometimes I feel like I take 3 steps forward, only to take 5 steps back again.

I’ve been feeling great of late, healing and dealing my trauma and moving forward to the person I always dreamed I could be.

Last week I had an amazing moment where I owned my empathy. A colleague came over to sort out lessons for my class, all frustrated and snippy, and before long I was feeling it. I asked him to give me a second and I silently collected myself and sent his emotion back to him, sent him love and moved on. I felt totally accomplished!

It seemed my hard work was paying off.

Then today, I’m back to getting annoyed at stupid drivers, taking other people’s moods personally and letting students get to me. By last period, I was in an empty classroom soaking up the silence, because it was that or break down in tears. I thought the silent classroom the better alternative.

By the time my last period had started, I felt semi normal and by the time I got home I was happy again, content with my surroundings and myself.

So, I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I had an emotional moment, I found a way to disconnect, even if it meant leaving the situation entirely, release the emotion and ground. I didn’t take it out on the kids in my last class, my colleagues, or myself for any extended period.

Looking at it in hindsight, I realise I handled it pretty well. When I started writing this, I was annoyed with myself for letting it happen in the first place. Now, I’m seeing it differently and am proud that I used the tools I have to centre myself and release the negativity.

Now, I realise that I got this, and I must say, I’m a little pleased with myself. The old me would have carried it for days, overeating, distracting myself with meaningless TV or video games, scrolling endlessly through social media, basically found any other way to self-harm short of picking up a razor blade. Maybe even revelling in the victimhood a little. The new me realises it isn’t personal, finds solutions to getting myself back on track and moving forward.

So, maybe I’m not doomed after all…

Spiritual Awakening

Understanding me as an Empath

This road of self-discovery has been hard and interesting, heart breaking and illuminating. I have lost and I have gained.

The hardest lesson to learn, the most difficult aspect of myself to assimilate has been me as an Empath.

I understand that I am highly sensitive and take on the emotions of others. I actually feel their anger like a hammer to the chest.

I also feel their happiness and excitement to the point I get jittery and lightheaded. This is probably the more pleasant experiences I’ve had, waiting in line at Wet ‘n Wild and feeling all the excitement and happiness surround me. I totally had to work on my base chakra to keep grounded that day!

The anger and frustration are not as pleasant, obviously. And working among emotionally volatile teenagers who rarely want to do what you are asking them to, makes it even harder!

Another perfect example happened the other day.

It was last period on a Friday and it was fairly warm. Ok, most everyone else was whinging about how hot it was, but I lived in Far North Queensland for five years, so I have a high tolerance for heat. If my knee caps aren’t sweating, it’s not hot! (Yes, you can actually sweat out of your knee caps… it’s not pleasant, but interesting the first time it happens. But, I digress.)

One student randomly got up and headed for the door with a can of body spray in her hand. I asked her where she was going and she informed me that she was going to put some body spray on. I say informed, because this is one student who doesn’t ask, which also infuriated me, but for different reasons.

Now, schools usually have a strict policy against aerosols due to the fact they can trigger asthma attacks in people, and seeing as I come from a long line of asthmatics, I am particularly pedantic about this rule. So, I asked her to worry about it after class and come back inside, but she flat out ignored me.

Well, I felt sudden, red hot anger surge inside of me. And I mean that literally. I had been feeling great all day, having a good day and dealing with similar issues calmly and respectfully.

I took a breath, went out to deal with it the best I could with this anger bubbling up inside and came back inside.

I spent the next hour or so, including the drive home, breathing the anger out and trying to figure out what had triggered me. I thought I had dealt with my issues around not being respected as a reflection of the respect I don’t show myself, so I was loathe to go back here. Besides, it didn’t feel right.

I had felt ok all day, even during that period when other students weren’t doing what I had asked, I stayed calm and took it for what it was.

But this student totally rocked me.

Then it finally hit me. I was sitting quietly when it did too, not trying to work it out, as it often does.

The anger, it wasn’t mine, it was hers. She felt angry at being asked not to do something she had determined to do and I felt it. Did she project it to me? Most likely, as I could be seen as the source of her anger, but I know it wasn’t a conscious thing. She is about as self-aware as a rock.

This was yet another example of me accepting another’s emotions as my own. There was no need to search for the trigger in me, it was her anger I was feeling.

Now, I won’t say that there is no chance of it being my own issues with respect, because they have been there, but as soon as I realised the possibility that I was carrying her emotion I calmed immediately. I was able to disconnect and go about my weekend (which is good for me, because the old me would have carried that for days and ruined my weekend!)

I think this happens a lot for me. I am in a situation and an emotion is hurled and I react, then try and figure out why I felt that way, what is being triggered, what pattern am I working from. The truth is none, because the emotions aren’t mine.

I am now making a commitment to being more self-aware and present at each moment. I am hoping that by doing this, I can be aware when I am feeling the emotions of another person and save myself the hours of analysing! I can just call it theirs and move on, back into the peace I have now found for myself.

I’ll keep you posted. 😁

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Veganism and Spiritual Awakening

I have recently celebrated my first vegan anniversary, my Veganniversary. It has and continues to be an interesting journey.

There were a few things I expected to change. I expected to shed kilos. I expected my palette to change over time. I expected to have more energy, although this last has been sporadic for reasons that will become clear shortly. I expected to experience better overall health.

Other things happened that I wasn’t expecting. The negative reactions to my choice. The amount of ‘assumptions’ I had about diet. That people continue to accept these assumptions, despite my best efforts to the contrary. The judgement both inside and outside of the vegan community.

Most of all I wasn’t expecting the spiritual side of me to gain momentum. I have been on a spiritual journey for at least 5 years, intentionally cultivating my skills and growing as a person. Not in all that time have I had such profound and fast changes inside of myself and with my skills.

These are some areas in my spiritual life that have changed in the last 12 months:

  1. Becoming more sensitive to energies and emotions: I have always been highly sensitive, an empath. I had just learned, through years of bullying and being told I’m too sensitive, to shut it down. Now, since removing animal products from my diet, it’s all flooding back to the surface. I am way more sensitive than I ever knew, which certainly brings its own challenges. Despite this, I feel that now I am filling my body with high energy foods, my channels have opened up further and I am becoming way more aware and sensitive to energies.
  2. Quicker Manifestation: Along with this comes the other amazing characteristics of a spiritually awakened life – manifestation. I am manifesting things so much quicker these days! Obviously the smaller the desire, the easier it is to come to you, but I am manifesting sometimes within hours! I am vibrating at a higher rate, which is allowing all the positive things I always wanted to come to me. They are now attracted to me, rather than being repelled.
  3. Accelerated Personal Growth: This is perhaps the negative or lesser known side of manifestation – manifesting situations that trigger your crap to be healed! When events or situations occur now though, I am getting the lessons quicker. This is allowing me to move forward at a much faster pace, which means the lessons also come quicker. My brain is not foggy anymore, so I can see my own patterns and behaviours much clearer. I have released so much this last 12 months, and as I continue to delve deeper into the onion of my inner self, I become stronger and stronger, able to deal with the really deep, traumatic stuff. This has lead to me being sick for most of the last 12 months and experiencing bouts of low motivation and fatigue. As I release the emotions, trauma or patterns there is a physiological reaction as the energy leaves, usually cold or flu like symptoms, headaches and general lethargy. Then I get a nice break for a few weeks where I am walking tall!
  4. Increased Intuition: My intuition has really kicked in, stronger than ever before. It is not being dampened by negative or lower energy foods, so it is able to get my attention more. I am still working on the habit of rationalising my nudges and learning to trust it, but I am able to hear it clearer in the first place and that’s a huge step for me.
  5. Deeper Meditations: I have been meditating for a few years now and have had some amazing experiences. None of them prepared me for what most often happens now. I don’t go anywhere or see anything much anymore, I used to go on some amazing adventures with dinosaurs and fairies and the like. Now, I mostly just sit in the energy and listen to the music. What is deeper is the change after I meditate. I immediately notice the change in my own energy, even after a short 15 minute meditation. Now that I am not clogging my body with low energy or processed foods, my meditations have a more profound effect on my energy, clearing away negativity and promoting higher increases in my vibration than ever before. I feel so much more calm and at peace after a meditation and I am totally grateful and happily surprised by this change.

I hope I have explained this last one effectively. All of these changes have lead me to a deeper connection to myself and Spirit, whether it be my guides, angels, deity or whatever the reality of Source actually is. I feel way more connected in general and I can only attribute it to the change in diet. Doreen Virtue talked years ago, in a book I can no longer remember the title to, about the negative effect of meat on your vibration, I just didn’t think it could be this amazing.

Please, if you have experienced similar or different changes, I would love to hear about them. 😁

Good luck and happy vibration raising!!


Practical Guide to Protecting Against Negative Energy

There is a lot of information out there on how to protect your energy from negativity, psychic attacks and the like.

What I notice is a lot of the practices require you to find a quiet place, centre yourself, take 10 deep breaths and basically go into a meditative state.

This is fine if you have plenty of spare time, but a lot of us don’t.

And they don’t always help in the moment.

Sure, you can white light bubble before you leave the house, but this only helps so far. Especially for us empaths, who always tend towards the open, helping kind of energy before we learn to shield it out. No amount of grounding, white light and crystals helped me when I would just go out and be ‘open’ anyway.

I had to learn this one very important lesson, as do many of us highly sensitive people.


You must be aware of what is happening inside of you at any given moment. You must be present in your own mind and heart so that when negative energy does come your way, you are aware of it.

Sometimes it is so very subtle and it builds quietly in the background like a peasant revolt. They quietly gather their forces, a person here and another two there, biding their time. All of a sudden they strike, and you have no clue who you are, where you are or what day it is.

Self-awareness allows you to recognise when the peasants are massing and take action before they get too powerful.

You can see the little negative thoughts or feelings and nip them in the bud before they can flower.

The ‘how’ is the interesting part. You don’t need to sit in a quiet place or meditate, burn sage, chant mantras or cover yourself in crystals. Unless you want to, and I often do. But these things don’t help in the moment.

Here are some things you can do ‘in the moment’ to stop the cloud growing:

1. White light bubble: yep, white light bubble. But, you don’t have to sit quietly anywhere. Just see the bubble around you and quickly visualise the negativity going back out, either to the source or the universe for healing. Your bubble doesn’t have to be white either. It can be gold, pink, green, even a tinted window, you know the ones that reflect the light? They kind of look like a hematite to me, but the purpose is to reflect the energy back.

2. Call on your guides, guardian angels, etc: They are always there, waiting to be of service. You don’t need to meditate to call on them, they are that reliable friend who never lets you down or cancels or goes on holiday. All you have to do is think ‘help’ and trust they will do what needs to be done.

3. Cutting cords: cords attach between us and other people all the time. Some only for a while, but with those particularly negative or needy people, they can stay and drain you of your life force. Luckily, there is an easy method to use to get rid of them! I simply visualise a giant, magical sword swinging down in front of and behind me, affirm that all unnecessary cords and attachments are now severed and ask my inner light to heal the etheric wound. You don’t need to go anywhere quiet or alone, just visualise this sword cutting the cords mid-conversation. You’ll probably have heaps of time to do this (it only takes a second!), because most negative people are only talking at you anyway. They will welcome the chance to continue talking. And you can let them, safe in the knowledge that you are protected.

These are three techniques that I use all the time. There are plenty of others you can do once the conversation is over, but these will help you in particularly potent negative energy and stop it growing.


An Empath’s Guide to Staying in Your Own Energy

As empaths, it is sometimes – ok, often very difficult to stay in our own energy. We want to help, because we can see and feel people suffering every day. What tends to happen naturally as we interact with others is we create cords to these people or situations. Many of these are harmless. Others, however, become quite harmful if allowed to continue to exist and we either give our energy to the other person, or accept theirs as our own.

What we often forget, myself included, is to maintain self care. It is very important that we clear our energy as frequently as necessary and cut these cords that are affecting us.

I was in a situation very recently where I failed to maintain self care. After several months, I became disorientated, confused, emotional, exhausted and eventually sick. This was the consequence of me not looking after my own energy first. I managed to clear it with the help of my amazing Kinesiologist, but through this experience I realized it is much more effective to look after yourself on a daily basis. You might find that you need help from a therapist of this kind at some point, so follow your own intuition as to whether you need this extra boost.

In the meantime, the following are a few tips to maintaining your own energy levels that you can perform daily. Some of them take a few moments while others are a bit more elaborate, so choose which one you like or have time for. Just remember, it is all about intent.


  1. White Sage: This is an excellent cleanser. Simply light the incense and run the smoke over your body through your aura. Make sure you start this practice with a statement of intent, such as ‘I intend for this incense to cleanse and purify my aura and cut and heal any cords or attachments’. If you need a heavy duty cleanse, pair it with dragonsblood, as this amplifies the properties of any incense it is burning with. Most people will use a smudge stick, but I often use an incense stick out of sheer laziness. Both work just as effectively. Find out what works best for you and the time you have at your disposal.
  2. Reiki: Reiki is powerful energy healing that can heal on all three levels – mind, body and spirit. It helps to keep us energized and centred. I will do this one of four ways: reiki myself to sleep by placing my activated hands on my body as I drift off, draw the power or master symbol on the shower head and have a reiki bath, give myself a full reiki session, or send distance reiki to myself, programming it to be sent to me throughout the day or whatever other period I wish. These are just a few, but with reiki, the only limit is your imagination! This may be more difficult if you aren’t reiki attuned, however, you can always find a practitioner in your area to work with as a therapist or your reiki master teacher.
  3. Crystals: These are good for protection or fortification, but some, like amethyst, will clear and transmute the negative energy around you and others, like clear quartz, can be programmed. They are also very easy to use, as you simply put one on your person in a pocket or wear as jewelry. You can also pair them together: I have paired amethyst and apache tear (obsidian) together for clearing and protection. Just remember, that some crystals don’t ‘like’ each other in the sense they don’t vibrate at the same frequency or are trying to do two separate things. I once had an amethyst pendant break after wearing it with a carnelian… Follow your gut, but do your research too!
  4. Essential Oils: I have recently made myself a spray with sage and white angelica, but many people who use these oils simply use white angelica neat on the back of their neck. You can put them anywhere you feel drawn to. I simply spray my aura and body with the spray whenever I feel drawn as an extra boost or if I’m in a hurry. A spray is also good to have as it can cleanse spaces, such as offices, class rooms, cars etc.
  5. Visualisation: This can be done in a meditation, but often we don’t have time. For when you feel bombarded or leave a conversation not feeling quite yourself, here are some visualisations that can help you to disconnect and reconnect with you quickly:
    1. Visualise yourself in a protective outfit of some kind, affirming that this will protect you throughout the day. If you don’t like the word ‘protect’ (I was not a huge fan, as it implied there was something to I needed protection from, but other people’s energy, if left unchecked, is that something), I often say ‘my energy is my own’ and I visualise a black cloak, or thick honey, or full armour, or chainmail surround my body and my aura, keeping my energy in (as we often project stuff to others) and other’s energy out.
    2. Visualise a sword or knife swinging down in front of you and down your back, ask that all cords and attachments are severed and healed. You can also invoke a deity or angel, usually Archangel Michael, in this process as well.
    3. Go out into the sun and feel or visalise the rays coming down and ask that they transmute any negative energy in your aura, sever and heal all cords and attachments and reconnect you with your own source energy.
    4. Reiki power symbol can be used around you or the room you’re in by drawing it on the four compass directions and above and below you creating a powerful, cleansing reiki box.
    5. Visualise roots from the soles of your feet or the base of your spine, extending deep into mother earth. Ask her to send her healing energy back up into your body and aura to cleanse and purify your energy. This one is good as it can be done anywhere, even on the toilet, which is often the only place we get any privacy!
  6. Meditation: This is the big one. I often do a short 15 minute meditation which clears my chakras, or where I simply lie down and connect to my own soul essence. It doesn’t have to be this long, elaborate meditation with candles and sage burning. Just a simple meditation with the intent to reconnect with your own energy and clear that which doesn’t serve you will suffice. Monkey mind will most likely get in the way, just accept it and remember that sitting in your own energy is one of the most effective ways to boost your strength. meditation
  7. Grounding on the grass: This will be one of the more difficult for some, especially those who live in big cities. All you need to do is sit or stand on the grass, visualise the roots extending deep into mother earth and ask her to replenish your energy. You can also send the excess energy down to her, just remember to ask it to be transmuted,  cleansed and healed – we don’t want to start sending her negative or lower energy! There’s enough going on without us unintentionally adding to it. This is good for the more kinesthetic among us, those who need to do something tangible.
  8. Exercise: this is also one for the kinesthetic among us. Any exercise done alone with the intention of reconnecting with yourself will work a treat. I wont go into the science or biology here, I have just found that 30 minutes of yoga or walking or cycling works wonders for getting me out of the muck and back to myself. Find what works for you, and remember it is all about intent. yoga

This is by no means a definitive list, but it is certainly a start. As I always say, follow your own gut and do what works for you. Just find something you can do on a daily basis to keep your energy your own. Feel free to add any ways you have found successful in the comments below!

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Social Media and Spiritual Awakening

Anyone who is even the slightest bit conscious or awake is aware there is a battle going on. Not the classic ‘good v evil’, there is no clearly identifiable villain for the equally identifiable hero to face off against. There is no epic battle at the end of a long chase, sometimes involving cars, where you just know, somehow, someway, good will triumph. No, reality isn’t that accommodating.

The battle is within each and everyone of us. And the villain? Our own negativity, our lower self, our ego, our shadow. It goes by many names, similar to Stephen King’s villain Randall Flagg, but its purpose seems to be the same. Keep things as they are, don’t change, don’t grow, stay where it is ‘safe’.


I am fully aware of the many reasons for this, and I wont get into them here. What I will say is that we try so hard to stay out of the muck, the quicksand of negativity. We stop spending time with negative people and energy vampires. We change our diets to avoid highly processed food and even animal and dairy products – all low vibrational foods. We cleanse, shield, white light bubble, double bubble, coloured bubble, ground to Mother Earth, hug a tree, wear a crystal or essential oil, burn sage, spend time in the sun, walk on the ground bare foot, wear lots of yellow…


And it all works and we feel great for a while and then BAM! You’re in a situation you didn’t see coming and all your efforts are over-ridden by one event, one situation, or sometimes even one comment.

For me, the biggest culprit is social media. Specifically those apps, that will remain nameless, where you’ve read comments on an article or clip and felt your energy drop. Someone says something ignorant or rude or unintelligent or bigoted and you feel either sad or downright angry. Either way your energy has plummeted and you’re back at square one.

It might not even be a comment, simply the people you call friends, putting their negativity out there for people to see, complaining about things you know they could heal if they weren’t so caught up in the drama of them, or rambling on about inconsequential things like what they are eating, which gym they are heading to or just came back from, or that they just had a poo! Ok, this last has never happened to me, but it may as well have. It would be another addition to the endless, meaningless, shallow and unnecessarily dramatic stream of information that seems to suck the life out of me and swallow my time.

So, I decided to do something. I removed everyone from my list. When I say everyone, I mean everyone, even my own mother, not that she shares much anyway.


And something wonderful happened. I had so much more time in my life. What is even more amazing was that the quality of posts on my stream went right up. Animal rights and nutrition stuff. Wicca pages I’d forgotten I’d liked or followed. More inspirational stuff from so many long buried pages and people. I got out of the quicksand and back into the beauty of the jungle. And it was beautiful!

I have since added a few people back, like my mother. I now have a grand total of 8 friends and I have never been happier.

Well, almost. I still seem to get caught up in the negativity of some posts, but I either unfollow the page or just not engage in the comments section anymore. Sure, things still affect my energy, I am only human, but not nearly as intensely or for as long. One thing is for sure and certain, social media is no longer the culprit. I took action in my life and did something that was best for me, regardless of what others thought or how they would react. I disengaged from the negativity, taking responsibility for what I was putting into my energy field and what I was feeding my soul. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and I highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. After all, it’s your life and you have every right to choose how to spend it!



The Day I Chose Me

On the first of February this year I officially became vegan. On the 1st of May I decided it was time to stop making excuses and fully, commit, so perhaps I should call February my ‘I’ve got heaps of info now, so I can give this a real shot’ day and May my ‘no more mucking around, no more excuses, I’m all in’ day.

I had met a vegan sometime in August last year. She didn’t preach, just explained how things were for her. I had been off red meat for almost 3 years at that stage (pork included) and was currently struggling with the ‘no chicken or fish’ decision. It was something I struggled with, because I didn’t want to continue to eat chicken, but something always stopped me or I changed my mind for some reason. Dairy never entered my mind as an issue. Besides, how could one live without cheese?

Then I got sick. I’d had a head cold for around 8 weeks. Straight. I checked my Inna Segal book, but nothing seemed to fit. Then I had a thought – I wonder if there is some information on the effect of dairy on the body? A friend is allergic to dairy (and still eats it!), getting hay fever symptoms every time she eats it. My symptoms were worse than hay fever, and more prolonged, but I still wondered at the connection. I had been consuming way more dairy that I used to, because an ex had showed me how to cook amazing Italian dishes using thickened cream and I was also having a lovely time with burritos and tacos using sour cream.


It didn’t take me long to discover that dairy can not be broken down in the body like other foods. Apparently the molecules are larger than normal molecules and get stored as mucus. (I don’t have any sources for this, as it was so long ago and I was not thinking ahead, but feel free to google it!) JACKPOT!! So, I stopped eating the Italian stuff on a daily basis, switched to soy milk and cut back on cheese and sour cream. I got better almost instantly! Well, within the week I was pretty much mucus free.

Still, I wasn’t ready to fully commit. Sure, it appeared to be better for my health, but I could just cut down right? Or be aware of symptoms returning and do something then. 🙂 Besides, there was no good reason I could come up with to stop eating chicken and fish, and my intense need to please people and not be a nuisance stopped me from fully committing to a 100% vegetarian diet, I am not at all ashamed to admit.

Then I saw a documentary that would change everything. Cowspiracy. Most vegans have seen it, or at least heard about it. By the end of the documentary I decided to at least give this whole vegan thing a try, just to see if I could do it. I did not consider myself an especially good cook, so making adjustments or cooking new things was going to be a struggle.


I messaged my friend for some tips, but it was Veganuary that really got me started. As I said earlier, I didn’t take it seriously until February, or really commit until May, and I had inferiority issues relating to my cooking. However, I don’t think I could have even got through February without the help of these recipes and meal plans. Such an amazing site that I still use to branch out in the kitchen.

veganuary poster

I guess my point is that, for me, health was not enough, not then. I knew I would improve a little just by cutting down. After Cowspiracy, I watched all the other documentaries – Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., the Earthlings trailer (I cried for 15 minutes after seeing this short 2 minute clip and decided I was not up for seeing the whole film and I would leave it to convert the more die hard carnists!) – and it has become about ethics and choosing to live a cruelty free lifestyle. That and the fact I have never felt or eaten better in my life. I think the final nail in the proverbial coffin was seeing the dairy cow being pushed out of the milking pen, blood dripping form her udders, that I decided I was never going to intentionally be a part of such cruelty and barbarity ever again. Besides, I did not like the idea of consuming cow’s blood OR the chemicals they surely put through the milk to make it safe to drink. (I do not know if they do this, but my extremely logical mind lead me to this conclusion, but if anyone has any proof, feel free to add in the comments.)

This is the day I took my life back. The day I started living consciously. The day I chose what was best for me. The day I stopped ‘eating all the bullshit food that they sold me’, thank you John Butler. The day I chose my own value to live by, instead of accepting what others told me was right and wrong. The day I chose me.

(This is also another re-publish, so don’t be too concerned if you’ve read it elsewhere!)