Letting kids feel their feelings

“Don’t be nervous. Miss isn’t nervous, is she?”

This is the exact sentence I heard from a teacher to students who were about to start filming. I am not sure about the details, but they would be asked to give their thoughts on something in front of a camera.

Don’t be nervous? DON’T BE NERVOUS??

Yes, be nervous! Just don’t let it stop you from doing what you want.

Yes, be nervous! Just do it anyway.

No wonder kids are being diagnosed with ‘anxiety disorders’.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that for some people it is an actual problem that needs to be medicated. Debilitating anxiety and panic attacks are nothing to dismiss.

But for many, it is simply a lack of understanding of their emotions.

Nerves are good, it means that something is important to you. It means that you want to do well. It means that you care.

This false idea that they shouldn’t be nervous makes kids believe that their feelings are wrong, or that they are wrong for having them, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Emotions are an important part of this human experience. Without them we only get one side of the experience.

If we start ignoring our nerves, it isn’t long before we start to suppress all of our emotions, and, speaking from experience, that never ends well.

We should honour and acknowledge how kids are feeling and give them the skills to move past the less than desirable emotions and do what they need to anyway. Feelings aren’t bad, and we need to stop telling kids what they should be feeling and start working with what they are feeling.

The emotions will come out somewhere and somehow. Perhaps naming them and acknowledging them when they hit will prevent them overflowing and coming out as aggression or depression or one of the many other emotions that are destructive in excess.

Allow kids to be nervous and give them the tools to get the job done anyway.


Manifestation Magic: Part 2

This is an extension of my thoughts from Part 1, although not titled as such. I always knew there would be more. Considering what I am currently learning about manifestation, there will probably be a part 3!

In my previous post I spoke about the negative impacts of manifestation and how they can impact our lives just as much (if not more than) the positive. I am also happy to say that I am still manifesting like a magician, sometimes within 30 minutes. A short anecdote to this effect.

I was recently on a trip through Cambodia. I was with a tour group and totally excited to meet everyone. While getting ready for the meet-n-greet I had a thought – “I wish I had brought one of my smaller shoulder bags, just to carry my personals in. This backpack is going to get tiresome pretty quick! Oh well, I’m not buying another one so I’ll have to make do.” Then BAM! At the meet-n-greet the tour guide gives us all shoulder bags made by locals with traditional tartans on them! So amazing.

Ok, so now onto the deeper stuff… although that story perfectly illustrates my main point for this post. Synchronicity!!

I have recently come to the realisation that there are also another two sides to manifestation. Not only is there the positive/negative aspect of manifesting, but there is the giving/receiving aspect.

I’ll explain.

When we ask for something, say a shoulder bag, a new lounge or a new job, something has to happen. Things just don’t fall out of the sky. Someone has to actually give you these things.

My tour guide had to actually organise for the bags to be made and then bring them to the meeting. Someone had to say ‘I know someone who has a lounge they want to get rid of!’ Someone has to actually offer you the job, and maybe even lose theirs to make way for you!

An exchange takes place in all instances.

This then naturally flows into our own part in manifestation. Sometimes we have to give something to someone else. If we don’t do the giving, then manifestation doesn’t happen as quickly, if at all!

Another anecdote: one day I was walking home from the shops, grocery bag full of a few essential items. I can’t remember what exactly, but bread rolls was part of it. Maybe I was making burgers or something. Anyway, I came across a man who I assumed to be homeless. I had the strong urge to give him a couple of my bread rolls. I had 6, and only 4 patties (yes, I was making burgers, I remember now!) so I could in reality spare 2. However, I argued with myself over this urge – what if he isn’t actually homeless? What if I insult him with the offer? How can I assume anything? – and didn’t give the man the rolls. It would have been easily done, ‘hey mate, how are you? Are you hungry? Here have some rolls!’ Or conversely, ‘oh, you’re not homeless? I apologise, but I got this urge to give you some rolls. Would you like some anyway?’ The only thing that would have been hurt was my ego, which is probably why my ego talked me out of it.

In this scenario, to get us back to my part in manifestation, what if that man had asked the universe for some rolls? Or maybe food in general? What if my urge to give him the rolls was manifestation at work and I rationalised my way out of it? What if I was the person who was supposed to give him the rolls like the tour guide gave me the bag?

My point here is, that in manifestation there is always a giver and a receiver. Things don’t just fall out of think air, they don’t just appear. Someone always has to give you something or do something in order for manifestation to work – something I remember vaguely about the law of opposites or polarity or some such…


So, the next time you get an urge to do something for someone or give them something, just know this may be your part in the manifestation process and do it! I know I will! 😀

Spiritual Awakening

When the Healing meets the Broken

This is going to be a very personal post.

I have had another interesting start to the year.

I know it’s May, but I have needed this time to process what has been happening and what my own actions were in creating this situation.

It’s not about blame, simply learning from mistakes and understanding when old programs resurface.

I met a new friend late last year, a fellow vegan, and we just clicked. We were both HSIE teachers too, which was a common interest and passion for us – although I am a History teacher and she is Geography, we complimented each other as the two subjects naturally do.

I was in a great place, relying solely on me for my happiness. This was a place I had worked towards for almost 2 years.

I didn’t need anyone in my life, I simply wanted them around sometimes.

During one afternoon, I happened to mention that it takes me a lot to get close to people, because of being hurt before. Her response to this was ‘I had noticed you were hot and cold’.

Now, I had simply shared this part of myself in an attempt to be honest and open about who I am. I am naturally cautious now, but that doesn’t mean I am not willing to let anyone in. I am just more discerning with who gets to be close to me on a very personal level.

I had not thought I was ‘hot and cold’ either. I was happy in my own life, I was not ‘attached’ to her and our friendship as I had been with previous friendships: I had finally learned that only I could make myself happy, no one else can. I had learned the difference between ‘attachment’ and ‘friendship’.

Still, I took her words to heart and in the blink of an eye I had judged my approach to this friendship as ‘wrong’. I had undone in an instant what I had worked so hard for so long to create.

As the old saying goes, hindsight is a beautiful thing. I can see it clearly now, even though I did not make an actual decision to change my approach at the time. I reacted out of a subconscious need to be accepted and approved of by another. My old acceptance pattern was hibernating when I thought it was dead.

I started to view my whole life as ‘wrong’. I started to question other decisions I had made, including my choice not to be fully active in the vegan world. I even tried to teach like her! (This last one worked well luckily, considering I have a completely different clientele in my classrooms, and is a strategy I will add to my tool belt) I started to see my own approach to teaching as wrong and tried to be more ‘like her’ in a number of ways.

It wasn’t until I refused to accept responsibility for something that she saw as a wrong I had committed that I saw what was actually happening.

She had approached the friendship from a place of attachment. She needed something from me that I wasn’t willing to give until I accepted her judgement of me and became attached myself.

I was whole and at peace with who I am. I was able to spend time alone and be happy. I was acknowledging that I am broken and working towards fixing it.

She was none of those things. In a subconscious attempt to feel better about herself, she tried to bring me down to her level, rather than working up towards mine. And for a while she succeeded.

It was a valuable lesson in honouring myself and who (and where) I am. A lesson in doing things my way and living life on my terms. A lesson in the need to get what I need from myself first. A lesson in the impacts of judgement and accepting that of others when they do not know my full story. It was also a valuable lesson in over-sharing and listening when my intuition says ‘she doesn’t need to know that’. (In actual fact, I think my intuition screamed at that one! But I trusted her…)

For these lessons and the growth I have since experienced, I am grateful and able now to step into the next phase of my life, one that is completely dependent on my ability to live life on my terms, regardless of what other people think.

Spiritual Awakening

Veganism and Spiritual Awakening

I have recently celebrated my first vegan anniversary, my Veganniversary. It has and continues to be an interesting journey.

There were a few things I expected to change. I expected to shed kilos. I expected my palette to change over time. I expected to have more energy, although this last has been sporadic for reasons that will become clear shortly. I expected to experience better overall health.

Other things happened that I wasn’t expecting. The negative reactions to my choice. The amount of ‘assumptions’ I had about diet. That people continue to accept these assumptions, despite my best efforts to the contrary. The judgement both inside and outside of the vegan community.

Most of all I wasn’t expecting the spiritual side of me to gain momentum. I have been on a spiritual journey for at least 5 years, intentionally cultivating my skills and growing as a person. Not in all that time have I had such profound and fast changes inside of myself and with my skills.

These are some areas in my spiritual life that have changed in the last 12 months:

  1. Becoming more sensitive to energies and emotions: I have always been highly sensitive, an empath. I had just learned, through years of bullying and being told I’m too sensitive, to shut it down. Now, since removing animal products from my diet, it’s all flooding back to the surface. I am way more sensitive than I ever knew, which certainly brings its own challenges. Despite this, I feel that now I am filling my body with high energy foods, my channels have opened up further and I am becoming way more aware and sensitive to energies.
  2. Quicker Manifestation: Along with this comes the other amazing characteristics of a spiritually awakened life – manifestation. I am manifesting things so much quicker these days! Obviously the smaller the desire, the easier it is to come to you, but I am manifesting sometimes within hours! I am vibrating at a higher rate, which is allowing all the positive things I always wanted to come to me. They are now attracted to me, rather than being repelled.
  3. Accelerated Personal Growth: This is perhaps the negative or lesser known side of manifestation – manifesting situations that trigger your crap to be healed! When events or situations occur now though, I am getting the lessons quicker. This is allowing me to move forward at a much faster pace, which means the lessons also come quicker. My brain is not foggy anymore, so I can see my own patterns and behaviours much clearer. I have released so much this last 12 months, and as I continue to delve deeper into the onion of my inner self, I become stronger and stronger, able to deal with the really deep, traumatic stuff. This has lead to me being sick for most of the last 12 months and experiencing bouts of low motivation and fatigue. As I release the emotions, trauma or patterns there is a physiological reaction as the energy leaves, usually cold or flu like symptoms, headaches and general lethargy. Then I get a nice break for a few weeks where I am walking tall!
  4. Increased Intuition: My intuition has really kicked in, stronger than ever before. It is not being dampened by negative or lower energy foods, so it is able to get my attention more. I am still working on the habit of rationalising my nudges and learning to trust it, but I am able to hear it clearer in the first place and that’s a huge step for me.
  5. Deeper Meditations: I have been meditating for a few years now and have had some amazing experiences. None of them prepared me for what most often happens now. I don’t go anywhere or see anything much anymore, I used to go on some amazing adventures with dinosaurs and fairies and the like. Now, I mostly just sit in the energy and listen to the music. What is deeper is the change after I meditate. I immediately notice the change in my own energy, even after a short 15 minute meditation. Now that I am not clogging my body with low energy or processed foods, my meditations have a more profound effect on my energy, clearing away negativity and promoting higher increases in my vibration than ever before. I feel so much more calm and at peace after a meditation and I am totally grateful and happily surprised by this change.

I hope I have explained this last one effectively. All of these changes have lead me to a deeper connection to myself and Spirit, whether it be my guides, angels, deity or whatever the reality of Source actually is. I feel way more connected in general and I can only attribute it to the change in diet. Doreen Virtue talked years ago, in a book I can no longer remember the title to, about the negative effect of meat on your vibration, I just didn’t think it could be this amazing.

Please, if you have experienced similar or different changes, I would love to hear about them. 😁

Good luck and happy vibration raising!!


Why we need to stop saying ‘Spirit is telling me…’

People around me have always used the term ‘Spirit is telling me…’ (often it is ‘My Guides’, but it still amounts to the same thing.)

Whether it was to say something or to do something, people will often use the ‘Spirit is telling me’ line when doing so.

Even if it is telling someone something they know the other person doesn’t want to hear. ‘Spirit is telling me to tell you……’

This needs to stop and I’ll tell you why.

We need to take responsibility for our own lives. We were given free will for a reason and so many of us seem to have forgotten that.

Sure, Spirit might tell me to turn left instead of my usual right, but I have free will whether I choose to do so or not.

Spirit might tell us something about a person or a situation, but we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are willing to take the responsibility for the accompanying action or consequence. Whether we like it or not, our actions and words are our responsibility.

Spirit might tell you that your bestie’s new boyfriend isn’t the one, despite her loud proclamations to the contrary. Do you accept the responsibility for telling her? Do you accept the responsibility for what happens after you do? If not, then don’t say anything! It is her journey and she probably won’t listen to you anyway. I never did… It will more than likely result in little more than friction and built up tension between the two of you. Are you willing to accept that responsibility?

The fact is, what we say and do is 100% our responsibility. We ultimately choose to act on guidance or not. We need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words and not blame Spirit. They aren’t telling us to speak or to act, they just give guidance or advice. Like advice or guidance from another human, we can choose whether to act on it or not.

Often, I find people use this excuse to say something mean, which is obviously not coming from Spirit, their guides or even their higher selves, because these aspects of us would never tell us to say anything nasty or unkind.

Also, people often do the verbal conversation for show. The ‘oh, yea’ and the ‘I’m getting to that’ or whatever it comes out as. They talk to the sky above them as if hearing it from a seperate being.

To me, people who do these things are clearly in ego. Why else would they need to make a big show of communicating with Spirit? We can all do it, they aren’t any different or better or more special than us and there is nothing wrong with us if we don’t! (Ok, there is probably a bit of my own ego in this last bit and I am learning not to react to ego from my own ego, but apparently this is a process.)

My main point is this, stop putting accountability or responsibility for what you say and do onto Spirit. We have free will. Use it.

Spiritual Awakening

Practising the Art of Surrender

When you start your journey of personal growth, one of the first things people tell you is to ‘surrender’. ‘Let it go’. ‘Hand it over to spirit/god/angels/insert-your-chosen-deity-here’.

As if it was as easy as brushing your teeth.

For me, it was far from easy, or simple.

I struggled for years with this concept. Even read books about it. Letting Go: The Path to Surrender by David R. Hawkins was one such tome. A couple hundred pages about just letting shit go. Sounds simple right? Nope… not for this little control freak!!

(It was a good read despite my lack of comprehension and application of the core message, so if you struggle with surrender, give it a go!)

I just couldn’t figure it out. How was I supposed to let go of something I couldn’t physically hold on to in the first place? How do I surrender my goals to this unknown yet totally powerful force? What is it that one actually does? How do I let shit go?

You don’t have to do anything

This was my first big lesson. As a ruling 4 who lived almost entirely out of her masculine self, total Knight of Wands type, I always felt I had to do something. Turns out the exact opposite is required here.

Don’t do anything. Just be. It took Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, to help me understand the art of being. I didn’t have to do anything, just be. Bring myself to the present and ask myself the question ‘what do I have to do right now?’ Or ‘what is my biggest problem right now?’ More often than not, the answer was ‘nothing’.

This was the first step to understanding the art of surrender.

Stop trying to figure it out

This one was always a problem for me. My natural go to default is to try and figure it out. As a ruling 4, I thrive on working out the principles and mechanics behind something. ‘Show me how it works and I’ve got it!’ Or ‘tell me why and I’ll understand!’ This just doesn’t work for some things. Especially surrender. There are no mechanics, no moving parts, no major principles to be understood. It is a complete and simple concept right from the outset. Let go.

I suppose one component could be ‘don’t worry’, but that just brought a whole host of other questions along with it. Namely ‘how?’ How does one ‘not worry?’ And for a Reiki Master, you’d think I’d have this one sorted by now, right? ‘Just for today I will not worry.’ Yea, right! Turns out Being is a good answer for this one too.

Acceptance is key

I had to learn this one the long way around. It wasn’t until I explained it to a friend that I realised I understood it and was able to assimilate it. Stop trying to force things into being. Stop trying to make things the way you think they should be. See things as they are and accept them. The time will come for you to change them, but often you can’t because they involve other people who are as stubborn as you are! Or more so!!

Again, bring yourself back to this question: ‘what do I have to do right now?’ And if there’s an answer, great! Do it. If not, just be.

Maybe another way to word the question would be ‘what can I do right now?’ This one helps with decisions that have been made for which you don’t have a clear path. This one I have used a lot in the last few weeks. Stable work was suddenly turned back into unstable work and I started to see other possibilities for my future. I also started to worry about finding money for my Cambodia trip that needs to be paid for in 2 weeks. I had spent all my savings through the school holidays on sea kayaks, tattoos and yoga retreats and I was counting on this stable job to get me there.

I had to bring myself back to the present by asking myself ‘what can I do about it right now?’ ‘Nothing’ was, and still is, the response. At least until next pay day when it becomes ‘pay off the trip’, at which point I will do. Until then, I will do ‘nothing’.

In the meantime, I have to accept that I no longer had a stable income and that there was not a damn thing I could do to change it. There are no jobs going this early in the year. I’ll accept the 4 weeks notice they have to give me for the end of my contract and do my best to do what I need to with that. I’ll accept my trip for whatever it turns out to be. Even if I have to watch what I spend while I’m there.

Practise, not Practice

The basic idea with surrender is to accept what is, be present and stop trying to figure it out.

It is something you have to work on every moment. It becomes easier to catch yourself, but you will always have to ask yourself those questions to bring you back to the present.

This is why ‘practise’ is a verb, not a noun. Surrender is something that becomes part of your daily practise. It is something you may never be perfect at, but you can be perfect in the attempt.

The weirdest part of all of this is the subtlety of the lessons. There was no big flash of insight. No bright light smacking me in the forehead and downloading the information. No booming voice.

Just a series of small events that provided pieces of the puzzle that eventually just fit.

It wasn’t until two events in January that I realised I had surrendered.

The first was the drenched tent at my yoga retreat. I was totally calm throughout the whole ‘ordeal’, whereas a couple of months ago I would have been a dramatic mess! The answer to ‘What do I have to do right now?’ was ‘fix the tent pegs, because the outer layer is touching the inner layer allowing water to get in easier’. Camping 101.

So, I fixed it, despite the pouring rain. Later the answer became ‘sleep in a dry place’ and I went and asked one of the retreat guests if I could stay in her room.

Then it became ‘dry my mattress and get protective tarps in case it happens again.’ You get the picture. I surrendered to what was, allowing me to easily find solutions to the problem.

The second was the job thing I mentioned earlier. Even as I write this the answer is still ‘nothing. Just go to work until your contract officially ends.’ I have to stop trying to figure out what losing the job means in terms of me moving to another line of work. Is it time? Does this mean it’s meant to be? What is spirit’s plan? I am still falling into the ‘I have to work it out and have a plan’ pattern. Apparently it’s a process. One that I am determined to follow through to the end.

Whatever. Que sera, sera.


Spiritual Awakening

Personal Year Numbers: Numerology Update for 2018

Numerology is the study of numbers. Similar to Astrology, Numerology (using our birthdates and given names) gives us a snapshot of who we are, what lessons and challenges we are to face in our lives, as well as what to expect at a given point in time. This predictive aspect is shown through a variety of aspects of Numerology, such as peak and maturity cycles, however, I will focus today on our Personal Year Number.

Our Personal Year Number (PYN) gives us an understanding of what events and circumstances to expect in the year, as well as guidance about how best to deal with them. Is now the best time to change jobs or move house? Why am I losing all of my friends this year? What is driving this need for me to spend more time alone? Understanding our PYN gives us the answers to these questions and more.

How to find your PYN

Finding your PYN is easy. All you need is your birth date and the current year. Break these numbers down to their individual digit equivalents and then add them together until you get a single digit. If this is confusing, don’t worry, I’m about to break it down!!

The first thing to do is to find the World Year Number (WYN) by adding the numbers of the calendar year together. This gives us an idea of what is effecting or influencing the world as a whole. Next year will be a 2 year, because 2018 is broken down to its individual number equivalent and these are added together:

2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11.

1 + 1 = 2.

Some people include 11 and 22 as a WYN, but my experience has yet to back this theory up. I guess we will see what happens next year as it unfolds. In the meantime, I will work from the base 2 and take lots of notes!!

Next, take your birth day and month numbers and do the same thing, ensuring you add in the WYN as well. For example, if I was born on the 17th July 1987, I would take the day and month, break them down to their single digit equivalent and add them to the WYN as follows:

1 + 7 + 7 + 2 = 17.

1 + 7 = 8.

This person’s PYN is 8.

Now, before you go any further, add tours up and see what you get!!

A note on cycles

As we know, nothing in the physical is permanent, but exists in cycles of change. Like the moon, the sun, the seasons and the universe itself, there are distinct periods characterised by action or inertia, rest or activity, change and consolidation etc.

Our lives are no different. We will experience periods of intense motivation and drive to succeed, and we will do exactly that. At other times, we will put the same effort in, but achieve no results other than our own frustration. At other times, events and circumstances will be out of our control and we will experience many changes that we have no say over, such as losing jobs, relationships, friendships, loved ones, health etc. This is all a part of life.

Understanding where our current PYN sits in relation to this cycle will give us an idea of what to expect, and more importantly, what to do (or not to do).

From The Complete Book of Numerology by David A Phillips.

As you can see in the above graph, the years are grouped into what can be called the troughs and peaks, signifying periods of up and down or action and inaction, with slow progress and decline in between. Like a wave, the energy will rise until it peaks, then decline until it is at the trough. A more specific explanation is:

Peaks: Periods of intense growth, change and movement. A lot will be happening in these years and the key is to surrender to the change and adapt to the new. Key peak years are 9 & 1, with a mini-peak at 5 and into 6.

Troughs: are a time to rest and rejuvenate after the previous years of growth. We can’t be in action all of the time as we need time to assimilate what we have learned. Don’t expect too much progress during these years, simply enjoy the quiet. Key trough years are 4 & 7.

What do the numbers mean?

Now you know what your PYN is (hopefully!), it is important to understand what vibration this number brings with it. Is it a good time to save? Should I invest in property? Should I travel? The following information will help you to see what energetic influences are surrounding and guiding you, as well as some guidance about how to deal with them. As with all things, you have free will. Just remember that if you are trying to start something new in a 4 year, you might find it a bit difficult!


This a year characterised by new beginnings. A lot of things will have come to an end last year (PYN 9, see below), and this is the year where new, more exciting things will emerge. You might find yourself surrounded by new people, a new job, a new project or even a new understanding of life. Embrace these, let the old friendships and ideologies fall away and allow the changes to occur.

It is also a time where you become more self-confident, independent and settled in your individuality, especially if you take the time to break old habits and heal past patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. Have the courage to fully step into your individuality, do things your way and let your true self shine.


This is a year for greater cooperation and balance. You have created new relationships in the past year and it is time to cultivate these, ensuring a balance of giving and receiving exists. Just as you cultivate your relationships with others, however, it is important to cultivate a positive, loving relationship with yourself. Be sure to give yourself time to heal the emotional issues of the past and learn to love and accept yourself to achieve this balance. This will lead to enhanced emotional stability and give you the tools to come from a place of loving action rather than passive reaction.

It is also a period of heightened spiritual development, where your intuition will be stronger than before. Be sure to listen when it speaks and act accordingly to avoid upset and disappointment. Adopting a regular meditation practice will give the two fold result of allowing you to tap into your intuition through the quiet, while giving yourself the opportunity to balance your emotions and gain much needed stability.


As we head to the trough, there is still much to learn about yourself and life. These early numbers in the cycle are all about the physical world and your understanding of it, who you are as a person and how you interact with others. This 3 year will give you the opportunity to express the new, authentic self you have discovered during the last few years of development through honest and open communication with others. This can take many forms, including written (journaling, songs, poems or blogs as was the case with me), painting, dancing, clothing, tattoos, verbal communication or any other way you choose to express yourself. Have the courage to be who you are now, allow the old patterns and programs to fully disappear and begin to communicate yourself in honesty and integrity.

It is also a period of heightened mental powers. You will have a thirst for knowledge that will only be quenched by taking up study of some kind or learning through the experience of travel. Find what topic excites and energises you and read or experience away! Choose a travel destination and look forward to the experience and what it can teach you! Just remember to not take on too much at one time as your energy will easily become scattered and you will not reap the full benefits. Choose one path and follow it for as long as it excites you or you are learning something.

You will also need to develop your memory throughout this period in order to fully understand and assimilate what you are learning. Also, having a good memory leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem, and few of us don’t need more of that! So, keep notes or a journal of what you learn, keep a diary to organise your life and set a reminder to check the diary (I almost needed to do this a few times this year!), whatever it takes. Find your best expression for developing your memory and adopt it.

A final reminder for this year is to take time out for the simple things in life. Remember to have fun, allow time for humour, follow your happiness, surround yourself with bright company and celebration to avoid spiralling emotionally. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously this year. Lighten up and have fun.


This is a year of consolidation and rejuvenation. You have learned a lot in the last few years since the last trough (5 years to be exact!) and it is time to assimilate and consolidate your new understanding of life and yourself. It is a good time for planning for the future, but allow time for rest and relaxation to ensure your energy is fully charged for the changes to come. Avoid disharmony where possible, or at the very least schedule time for relaxation to unwind. Routine is a key aspect for the 4 vibration, so take the time to slow down and build yourself some boundaries to ensure you do not undo all the hard work of the previous years and become emotionally unstable or tense.

It is also a good time to focus on your finances and physical matters as the manifestation power of the 4 is strong. It will be steady progress, so be patient with yourself and take it one day at a time. Hard, persistent, determined work will bring desired results.

Do not expect too much change or growth in this year of consolidation and you will avoid disappointments.


This is the year you needed to conserve your energy for as it is a massive year of change, both expected and unexpected. Fighting it will only make matters worse, so try to go with the flow, adapt to the changes, surrendering to the divine intelligence of the universe and trusting that it will all work out in the end. Allow your adventurous side to develop for only the universe knows where you will end up! As with the 3, avoid taking on too many things at once as the obligations will cause you frustration as you strive for greater freedom.

It will also be a period of heightened psychic and spiritual awareness. Follow your intuition and learn to act on gut instinct when opportunities arise and surrender to the outcome. More importantly, BACK YOURSELF! Trust in your own ability to know what to do when the time comes.

Remember to release control of the physical matters you focused on last year. You have built a solid foundation from which you can now act upon. Take the time to focus on your creativity and build the life you desire.


This is a mini-peak where more focus will be invested in the home and relationships. It is a good time for the single people among us to find love. If you are already in a relationship, you will begin to take on greater responsibility in the home and domestic obligations after last year’s drive for freedom. Just remember to take time out to foster your creativity and reconnect to your authentic self to avoid emotional tension.

You might also find that issues in relationships (including both friendships and romantic) will arise during this year. Now is the perfect time to heal these issues and come to a resolution that best serves everyone. Aim for general harmony in relationships and avoid striving for right or wrong in conflict. Be prepared that this might mean some sacrifice is needed to find the middle ground. It could also lead to an ending of the relationship, but if this is what is best for all parties concerned, allow the change to take place. Either way, a new phase of the relationship will be achieved. Remember to have a high level of personal integrity and honesty throughout this year to ensure harmony in all dealings.


This trough year is another one of consolidation, but unlike the 4, it is focussed on the mental and spiritual aspects of life. It will be a time to stop and reflect on your life so far, the lessons you have learned and how far you’ve come in this life. Take time for quiet introspection and inner development. Be sure to spend as much time alone as you feel necessary to ensure you do not become too highly strung and stressed. Honour your need for solitude. It will be a time where the study of all types will help as you learn through experience, but specifically the study of philosophy will be of great benefit to you.

This year will also afford you the chance to yet again clean out your life of the things that no longer serve you, be it people, habits, behaviours, careers or anything else – if it no longer serves your highest good, adds value to your life or makes you happy, let it go. Be sure to take time out to carefully consider opportunities or large transactions that present during this period, making sure that you can and want to do what is being put forward.

Trying to force any major change this year could lead to loss. Be sure to take the time out to rest and rejuvenate, ready for the next phase of growth and expansion that is to come.


This is yet another year of rapid change where you will come out of the hermit phase of the 7 and begin to reap what you have sown in the last few years. If your attitude, efforts and intentions over the past few years have been positive, then you should expect positive results. If they have been less than favourable, January and February will be your last chance to turn your fortunes around.

It will be a year of increased independence and wisdom in the business arena, where you will be able to manifest abundance in money and property. Be sure to increase your focus on this aspect of your life to ensure you get the most out of this vibration.

This independence and wisdom can manifest in your spiritual life, depending on your level of development, so remember to listen to your intuition and back yourself. Take the time out to recognise how far you have come in this life and how much you have grown. You have increased universal support in the development of your personal power, so use it! Develop your assertiveness in the face of disempowering situations or authority figures and stand in your power.

You will have increased powers of manifestation, so be sure you are putting your efforts, intentions and thoughts only on the positive.


This is the year of endings that comes before the new beginnings of the 1. It will be a time of great upheaval as you experience many changes that are out of your control. Be optimistic and courageous during this period, surrendering to the higher intelligence and trusting that it will all work out in the end. You might experience endings in love, friendships, job, finances, home or health, just remember that something else will come to replace what you have lost. These events will often lead you to resolve long standing conflicts and issues with loved ones or within yourself, so face them head on with honesty and integrity to resolution. It is really clearing out what no longer serves you to make way for things that do. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

It is also a time of completion of projects. You set things in motion in either your 1 or 5 years, took time to reflect during your 7, finally saw the fruits of your labours in the 8 year, now it is time to tie up loose ends and prepare for the finale. This finale might simply be entering a new stage in the project, not necessarily an ending, but the transition is an ending in itself as you start to see your plans coming to fruition and things start falling into place.

This year might also see you thinking about life from a humanitarian perspective. You will have a drive to help your community and uplift the lives of others. Find what works for you and follow this drive. Your tolerance and understanding will also be heightened, perfect for dealing with global issues.

One final note about this year – don’t be too hasty spending money. It is not a year for financial gain. As an ending year, trying to start something new could lead to more disaster than you bargained for. Hold of for 12 months if you can. Otherwise, take the time to make sure all things are in order before entering into the deal.

Your number influenced by the WYN

As I said before, knowing the WYN in relation to your PYN will give you a deeper insight into what to expect.

2018 will be an 11/2 vibration. Working from the 2 vibration, this means that your PYN will be influenced by cooperation, intuition and emotions. For example, if you are in a PYN 9, expect your endings to be around emotions or relationships. You might be driven to work with others to promote humanitarian issues.

Personally, I am entering into an PYN 4, so I will expect to experience consolidation in my emotional state (finally achieving the stability I have been lacking of late!! Happy days!!!!), awareness of my intuition and relationships that have lasted through last year.

I won’t go through each number individually, just be aware of the 2 vibration that is underlying your own PYN to see the deeper, more subtle nuances of 2018. Be sure to read the explanation for the 2 above to help you make sense of it.

What to do now

Nothing. Except refer back to this post as many times as you need to remind yourself of what to do when things don’t go as expected. Surrender to what is, let go of the rest and enjoy the ride. Whether you are in a trough year of quiet solitude, or a peak year of change and action, the key to a relaxed and happy life is surrender. Accept what is and go with the flow.

A note on sources

I have read a few books and studied courses on Numerology, plus done readings that have helped to consolidate my understanding of each number vibration. The following are a list of books I have used frequently, especially in creating the information above. I would encourage anyone to find these books if you are interested in learning more about Numerology. I got these from Kindle, but I am sure they are available in hard copy if you prefer.

  1. David A. Phillips, The Complete Book of Numerology.
  2. Michelle Buchanan, The Numerology Guidebook.
  3. Clifford W. Cheasley and Melanie Becker, The Basics of Numerology.

I hope this will help guide you through next year and beyond. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to help! I would love to hear your experiences, especially if these numbers help explain events of this last year!

Happy New Year!!

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6 Things 2017 Taught Me

I don’t know about you, but this last 2 years has been one hell of a roller coaster and my proverbial onion is a lot smaller than it was in 2015. This late in the year seems like a good time to take stock and acknowledge what 2017 did for me.

2016 was the kickstart of what was to be my 16 month long Dark Night of the Soul, where I learned a lot about my own patterns and behaviours. I wasn’t able to do a lot about them at the time, and some are still appearing before me, but I’m making steady progress.

2017 was the year of assimilation, where I was shown the various ways these patterns and programs manifested in my life, aaaaanndd where I largely failed at recognising them in the instance. I would eventually understand what was happening, but I didn’t always get it right in the first phase. I made many mistakes, which would come back and bite me on my metaphysical arse in a big way.

Heading into 2018, and a 4 year of consolidation, I am hoping it will be a little quieter on the personal growth front and I will have time to properly assimilate the lessons I’ve learned.

So, what exactly did I learn in 2017?

1. When people say ‘I’m spiritual’, it often means something totally different to my definition. Someone might (and have!) call themselves Spiritual, while teaching their children that it is ok to belittle and bully another person, making fun of their differences, often from a place of ignorance, lack of education and intolerance. Other people, who don’t even refer to themselves as spiritual, have some of the best morals, beliefs and ideas about the universe and why we are here. It is time I stopped looking at the labels and at the person underneath. Actions really do speak louder than words.

2. Speak up. When someone is disrespecting or mistreating me, I need to speak up and ask them to stop, because I am worthy. Making excuses like ‘it’s just who they are’ or ‘they are young and don’t know better’ or ‘they are going through a rough time’ just don’t cut it anymore. I can honour where they are in life while setting and honouring my own boundaries.

3. Back myself. This is kind of an extension of #2, but if I don’t believe in myself, who else will? If I don’t trust myself, who else will? In fact, not trusting myself causes more emotional harm than good, because I question my own feelings and intuition on a matter and it ends up backfiring as my intuition is proven correct, leaving me with soot on my face.

4. Work within my own limitations. I am an individual person, with my own set of unique personality traits and character flaws – strengths and weaknesses, if you will. I cannot push myself too far out of these and do something just because someone else does or can. I cannot force myself to be a certain way or do a certain thing because someone else does. My limitations are there for a reason, I need to work out if they are my own personality limitations or obstacles to be overcome for personal growth and act accordingly.

5. Learn to say ‘No’. Or at the very least ‘I’ll get back to you’. As a recovering people-pleaser, who has a slight fear of missing out (slight? Ok, might be an understatement…), I will often say yes to something I am not really feeling excited about. I will often allow myself to be manipulated into doing something or changing plans that I have put in place for a good reason, and then end up dealing with a hell of a lot of fallout. I will be the one who changes my plans and makes room for everyone and everything I can to please the most amount of people, but then I am left dealing with the carnage it causes in my own life and all those other people are conspicuously absent. Sure, there are times where I will need to compromise, but I need to stop before I agree to something and ask myself ‘is this best for me? Will changing this plan end up causing more hassle than I am willing to deal with?’ If the answer is no and yes respectively, then I need to learn to say ‘No’.

6. I am highly sensitive and I often walk around in public in a state of openness that is totally unnecessary and detrimental to my energetic health. I don’t need to feel the anger of the 4×4 driver 5 car lengths ahead of me, nor do I need to smile and meet the eye of everyone I see. All this white light, sage and personal bubbles are useless when I still step outside and open my awareness to every little thing that happens in the world. I need to spend more time being present in my own space and less time looking outside of myself and perhaps the empathy protection techniques will be less necessary. Who knows? What I do know is that I don’t need to be ‘on’ all the time. Being present in my own body is what is best for me right now.

It seems I have a lot of assimilation to do, but the effort is worth it in the end!

What has 2017 taught you? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

Happy New Year!! đŸŽŠđŸ„‚đŸŸđŸŽ‰


An Empath’s Guide to Staying in Your Own Energy

As empaths, it is sometimes – ok, often very difficult to stay in our own energy. We want to help, because we can see and feel people suffering every day. What tends to happen naturally as we interact with others is we create cords to these people or situations. Many of these are harmless. Others, however, become quite harmful if allowed to continue to exist and we either give our energy to the other person, or accept theirs as our own.

What we often forget, myself included, is to maintain self care. It is very important that we clear our energy as frequently as necessary and cut these cords that are affecting us.

I was in a situation very recently where I failed to maintain self care. After several months, I became disorientated, confused, emotional, exhausted and eventually sick. This was the consequence of me not looking after my own energy first. I managed to clear it with the help of my amazing Kinesiologist, but through this experience I realized it is much more effective to look after yourself on a daily basis. You might find that you need help from a therapist of this kind at some point, so follow your own intuition as to whether you need this extra boost.

In the meantime, the following are a few tips to maintaining your own energy levels that you can perform daily. Some of them take a few moments while others are a bit more elaborate, so choose which one you like or have time for. Just remember, it is all about intent.


  1. White Sage: This is an excellent cleanser. Simply light the incense and run the smoke over your body through your aura. Make sure you start this practice with a statement of intent, such as ‘I intend for this incense to cleanse and purify my aura and cut and heal any cords or attachments’. If you need a heavy duty cleanse, pair it with dragonsblood, as this amplifies the properties of any incense it is burning with. Most people will use a smudge stick, but I often use an incense stick out of sheer laziness. Both work just as effectively. Find out what works best for you and the time you have at your disposal.
  2. Reiki: Reiki is powerful energy healing that can heal on all three levels – mind, body and spirit. It helps to keep us energized and centred. I will do this one of four ways: reiki myself to sleep by placing my activated hands on my body as I drift off, draw the power or master symbol on the shower head and have a reiki bath, give myself a full reiki session, or send distance reiki to myself, programming it to be sent to me throughout the day or whatever other period I wish. These are just a few, but with reiki, the only limit is your imagination! This may be more difficult if you aren’t reiki attuned, however, you can always find a practitioner in your area to work with as a therapist or your reiki master teacher.
  3. Crystals: These are good for protection or fortification, but some, like amethyst, will clear and transmute the negative energy around you and others, like clear quartz, can be programmed. They are also very easy to use, as you simply put one on your person in a pocket or wear as jewelry. You can also pair them together: I have paired amethyst and apache tear (obsidian) together for clearing and protection. Just remember, that some crystals don’t ‘like’ each other in the sense they don’t vibrate at the same frequency or are trying to do two separate things. I once had an amethyst pendant break after wearing it with a carnelian… Follow your gut, but do your research too!
  4. Essential Oils: I have recently made myself a spray with sage and white angelica, but many people who use these oils simply use white angelica neat on the back of their neck. You can put them anywhere you feel drawn to. I simply spray my aura and body with the spray whenever I feel drawn as an extra boost or if I’m in a hurry. A spray is also good to have as it can cleanse spaces, such as offices, class rooms, cars etc.
  5. Visualisation: This can be done in a meditation, but often we don’t have time. For when you feel bombarded or leave a conversation not feeling quite yourself, here are some visualisations that can help you to disconnect and reconnect with you quickly:
    1. Visualise yourself in a protective outfit of some kind, affirming that this will protect you throughout the day. If you don’t like the word ‘protect’ (I was not a huge fan, as it implied there was something to I needed protection from, but other people’s energy, if left unchecked, is that something), I often say ‘my energy is my own’ and I visualise a black cloak, or thick honey, or full armour, or chainmail surround my body and my aura, keeping my energy in (as we often project stuff to others) and other’s energy out.
    2. Visualise a sword or knife swinging down in front of you and down your back, ask that all cords and attachments are severed and healed. You can also invoke a deity or angel, usually Archangel Michael, in this process as well.
    3. Go out into the sun and feel or visalise the rays coming down and ask that they transmute any negative energy in your aura, sever and heal all cords and attachments and reconnect you with your own source energy.
    4. Reiki power symbol can be used around you or the room you’re in by drawing it on the four compass directions and above and below you creating a powerful, cleansing reiki box.
    5. Visualise roots from the soles of your feet or the base of your spine, extending deep into mother earth. Ask her to send her healing energy back up into your body and aura to cleanse and purify your energy. This one is good as it can be done anywhere, even on the toilet, which is often the only place we get any privacy!
  6. Meditation: This is the big one. I often do a short 15 minute meditation which clears my chakras, or where I simply lie down and connect to my own soul essence. It doesn’t have to be this long, elaborate meditation with candles and sage burning. Just a simple meditation with the intent to reconnect with your own energy and clear that which doesn’t serve you will suffice. Monkey mind will most likely get in the way, just accept it and remember that sitting in your own energy is one of the most effective ways to boost your strength. meditation
  7. Grounding on the grass: This will be one of the more difficult for some, especially those who live in big cities. All you need to do is sit or stand on the grass, visualise the roots extending deep into mother earth and ask her to replenish your energy. You can also send the excess energy down to her, just remember to ask it to be transmuted,  cleansed and healed – we don’t want to start sending her negative or lower energy! There’s enough going on without us unintentionally adding to it. This is good for the more kinesthetic among us, those who need to do something tangible.
  8. Exercise: this is also one for the kinesthetic among us. Any exercise done alone with the intention of reconnecting with yourself will work a treat. I wont go into the science or biology here, I have just found that 30 minutes of yoga or walking or cycling works wonders for getting me out of the muck and back to myself. Find what works for you, and remember it is all about intent. yoga

This is by no means a definitive list, but it is certainly a start. As I always say, follow your own gut and do what works for you. Just find something you can do on a daily basis to keep your energy your own. Feel free to add any ways you have found successful in the comments below!

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Social Media and Spiritual Awakening

Anyone who is even the slightest bit conscious or awake is aware there is a battle going on. Not the classic ‘good v evil’, there is no clearly identifiable villain for the equally identifiable hero to face off against. There is no epic battle at the end of a long chase, sometimes involving cars, where you just know, somehow, someway, good will triumph. No, reality isn’t that accommodating.

The battle is within each and everyone of us. And the villain? Our own negativity, our lower self, our ego, our shadow. It goes by many names, similar to Stephen King’s villain Randall Flagg, but its purpose seems to be the same. Keep things as they are, don’t change, don’t grow, stay where it is ‘safe’.


I am fully aware of the many reasons for this, and I wont get into them here. What I will say is that we try so hard to stay out of the muck, the quicksand of negativity. We stop spending time with negative people and energy vampires. We change our diets to avoid highly processed food and even animal and dairy products – all low vibrational foods. We cleanse, shield, white light bubble, double bubble, coloured bubble, ground to Mother Earth, hug a tree, wear a crystal or essential oil, burn sage, spend time in the sun, walk on the ground bare foot, wear lots of yellow…


And it all works and we feel great for a while and then BAM! You’re in a situation you didn’t see coming and all your efforts are over-ridden by one event, one situation, or sometimes even one comment.

For me, the biggest culprit is social media. Specifically those apps, that will remain nameless, where you’ve read comments on an article or clip and felt your energy drop. Someone says something ignorant or rude or unintelligent or bigoted and you feel either sad or downright angry. Either way your energy has plummeted and you’re back at square one.

It might not even be a comment, simply the people you call friends, putting their negativity out there for people to see, complaining about things you know they could heal if they weren’t so caught up in the drama of them, or rambling on about inconsequential things like what they are eating, which gym they are heading to or just came back from, or that they just had a poo! Ok, this last has never happened to me, but it may as well have. It would be another addition to the endless, meaningless, shallow and unnecessarily dramatic stream of information that seems to suck the life out of me and swallow my time.

So, I decided to do something. I removed everyone from my list. When I say everyone, I mean everyone, even my own mother, not that she shares much anyway.


And something wonderful happened. I had so much more time in my life. What is even more amazing was that the quality of posts on my stream went right up. Animal rights and nutrition stuff. Wicca pages I’d forgotten I’d liked or followed. More inspirational stuff from so many long buried pages and people. I got out of the quicksand and back into the beauty of the jungle. And it was beautiful!

I have since added a few people back, like my mother. I now have a grand total of 8 friends and I have never been happier.

Well, almost. I still seem to get caught up in the negativity of some posts, but I either unfollow the page or just not engage in the comments section anymore. Sure, things still affect my energy, I am only human, but not nearly as intensely or for as long. One thing is for sure and certain, social media is no longer the culprit. I took action in my life and did something that was best for me, regardless of what others thought or how they would react. I disengaged from the negativity, taking responsibility for what I was putting into my energy field and what I was feeding my soul. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and I highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. After all, it’s your life and you have every right to choose how to spend it!