Book Review: The Naked Witch

I have recently been exploring Witchcraft again in earnest. It is probably the only path that resonates with my soul, that feels right.

Along the way I was reminded of Fiona Horne’s books. I checked the local libraries and found a few stocked her books, including a new autobiography called The Naked Witch. I didn’t really want to learn about her life, more about the practice of witchcraft in an effort to understand the practicalities of it – more on this later.

Still, I found myself compelled to go to the library that afternoon and borrow it. I can’t say I had any thought processes in this. It was just something I had to do. It’s weird when your intuition is so loud you can’t hear your own ego-monkey-mind!

And I am glad I did! Her story resonated with me on such a deep level, I found myself unable to put it down. For the first time in my life I read an entire book in a day! Luckily I had nowhere to be…

Her story so resonated with my own story of abuse on many levels it was uncanny. The resultant patterns and programs were almost identical too! I can’t say how reassuring it was for me to hear someone else went through something similar to me and came out thriving.

There wasn’t much on the actual practice of witchcraft, she has other books for that, but one main truth was made clear to me – at its fundamental level, Witchcraft is about a reverence for and connection to nature. Simple.

I am not going to go too much into the specifics of this book, as I feel it should be read with an open-mind. Also, spoilers! I hate ruining surprises for people…

If you are looking for an easy, yet informative read, then this is a great book. It is the perfect book for highlighting what our egos are capable of making us do, but also that an honest look at ourselves can help us to get out of its grip. It is an excellent book for anyone dealing with childhood trauma, especially for those who (like me) believe that ‘it could have been worse’. And yes, it could have been worse for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean our own pain and resultant negative patterns are any less important. We don’t have to down-play our own pain because someone ‘had it worse’.

This is the story of an average Australian woman just trying to find herself and her place in the world, after being told she doesn’t deserve one. The story of a woman desperately seeking the approval she never got growing up, and the realisations that lead her out of that destructive pattern. It is a story of growth and triumph that will empower you to do the same. It has done for me.

Spiritual Awakening

When Lessons Assimilate

Every day lately, something happens to show me just how far I’ve come. Things that used to trigger me don’t, and I realise just how much I’ve grown.

A situation happened just now, which has triggered this post (which you guys won’t read for a few days based on my own timing for posts and the back log I currently have!).

Driving to work, minding my own business and I decide to over take a slower driver. She wasn’t going much than 5ks slower than me, but I like to stick to the speed limit.

I overtake her in a calm and timely manner, wait a long distance in front of her then, change back into the left lane because I’m considerate like that (and there was some other impatient person right up my clacker, so I let them pass. I have no energy reserved for that fight!)

Next thing, she is now right up my clacker (there was a bit of a theme that morning) and overtaking me. She had sped up, going around 10ks over the speed limit just to overtake me. I can confidently assume that last part based on evidence, because after she had overtaken me she slowed down and we stayed virtually the same distance apart until the end of the Highway.

All I could do was laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

In the past, this would have eaten at me and eaten at me, until I was frustrated, anxious and mad. I had to show her how wrong she was, I had to prove to her that she was an idiot for thinking and acting the way she did. I would have had to overtake her again just to prove a point.

Today, I just laughed. I stayed calm and I let her go.

I know what it’s like to be that person. The one who has to prove how fast she is. The one who has to prove how good a driver she is. The one who has to always be in front.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in the controlling world of our own ego.

I know what it’s like to live life unconsciously.

Now, I have compassion for her and for people like this. Now, I understand that there are unconscious drives and motives that make people do certain things and act a certain way.

In the past, I might also have tried to overtake her to show her how silly she was. I would have been driven to accept the responsibility of teaching her or showing her what her own ego is doing to her.

Now, I understand that it’s not my job to show anyone another way, to force them to see it somehow, to teach them or to guide them out of their unconscious life, at least until they ask for it.

It is not my responsibility to help them grow past their own patterns and behaviours, and reflecting their own attitudes back to them certainly isn’t the best way. I no longer react to ego from my own ego.

So, I feel pretty good about life right now. I feel as if one major lesson has been learned and assimilated. I feel I am now one step closer to being my true self and being the example, whether they accept it or not.

Spiritual Awakening

Understanding me as an Empath

This road of self-discovery has been hard and interesting, heart breaking and illuminating. I have lost and I have gained.

The hardest lesson to learn, the most difficult aspect of myself to assimilate has been me as an Empath.

I understand that I am highly sensitive and take on the emotions of others. I actually feel their anger like a hammer to the chest.

I also feel their happiness and excitement to the point I get jittery and lightheaded. This is probably the more pleasant experiences I’ve had, waiting in line at Wet ‘n Wild and feeling all the excitement and happiness surround me. I totally had to work on my base chakra to keep grounded that day!

The anger and frustration are not as pleasant, obviously. And working among emotionally volatile teenagers who rarely want to do what you are asking them to, makes it even harder!

Another perfect example happened the other day.

It was last period on a Friday and it was fairly warm. Ok, most everyone else was whinging about how hot it was, but I lived in Far North Queensland for five years, so I have a high tolerance for heat. If my knee caps aren’t sweating, it’s not hot! (Yes, you can actually sweat out of your knee caps… it’s not pleasant, but interesting the first time it happens. But, I digress.)

One student randomly got up and headed for the door with a can of body spray in her hand. I asked her where she was going and she informed me that she was going to put some body spray on. I say informed, because this is one student who doesn’t ask, which also infuriated me, but for different reasons.

Now, schools usually have a strict policy against aerosols due to the fact they can trigger asthma attacks in people, and seeing as I come from a long line of asthmatics, I am particularly pedantic about this rule. So, I asked her to worry about it after class and come back inside, but she flat out ignored me.

Well, I felt sudden, red hot anger surge inside of me. And I mean that literally. I had been feeling great all day, having a good day and dealing with similar issues calmly and respectfully.

I took a breath, went out to deal with it the best I could with this anger bubbling up inside and came back inside.

I spent the next hour or so, including the drive home, breathing the anger out and trying to figure out what had triggered me. I thought I had dealt with my issues around not being respected as a reflection of the respect I don’t show myself, so I was loathe to go back here. Besides, it didn’t feel right.

I had felt ok all day, even during that period when other students weren’t doing what I had asked, I stayed calm and took it for what it was.

But this student totally rocked me.

Then it finally hit me. I was sitting quietly when it did too, not trying to work it out, as it often does.

The anger, it wasn’t mine, it was hers. She felt angry at being asked not to do something she had determined to do and I felt it. Did she project it to me? Most likely, as I could be seen as the source of her anger, but I know it wasn’t a conscious thing. She is about as self-aware as a rock.

This was yet another example of me accepting another’s emotions as my own. There was no need to search for the trigger in me, it was her anger I was feeling.

Now, I won’t say that there is no chance of it being my own issues with respect, because they have been there, but as soon as I realised the possibility that I was carrying her emotion I calmed immediately. I was able to disconnect and go about my weekend (which is good for me, because the old me would have carried that for days and ruined my weekend!)

I think this happens a lot for me. I am in a situation and an emotion is hurled and I react, then try and figure out why I felt that way, what is being triggered, what pattern am I working from. The truth is none, because the emotions aren’t mine.

I am now making a commitment to being more self-aware and present at each moment. I am hoping that by doing this, I can be aware when I am feeling the emotions of another person and save myself the hours of analysing! I can just call it theirs and move on, back into the peace I have now found for myself.

I’ll keep you posted. 😁

Spiritual Awakening

The Holier-Than-Thou Effect: overcoming self-righteousness.

We’ve all been there. At least once. It usually comes from something we’ve learned about ourselves, the world or spirituality.

We understand immediately that not everyone else knows this, or comes close to seeing it, and some of us start to feel superior. As if we are part of a secret club that is separate from and better than everyone else. We start preaching to people about how this truth will change their lives.

For others, including myself, this feeling of separation leads to intense loneliness. In an attempt to overcome this, we start trying to help people by preaching our truth to them, hoping they too see what we see and come and join us.

This is what I call the Holier-than-thou Effect. The self-righteous behaviour and attitudes that are the result of feelings of separateness or superiority through our own personal growth and healing.

The main behaviour sees us preaching our ‘holier-than-thou’ truth to all and sundry. We see that other people are struggling and, out of a desire to help, start providing unsolicited advice about what they should do to help themselves.

This is the key, it is unsolicited. We take it upon ourselves to point out what we see about other people’s behaviours and attitudes and how they are blocking them from reaching their full potential.

And we value our advice. It came from years of experience. What better advice is there than from someone who has ‘been there, done that’?

But our advice falls on deaf ears. We become frustrated at our thwarted attempts to help these people. We question over and over why they can’t see what is plainly and clearly in front of them, sometimes within them. We don’t understand why they just don’t accept what we are telling them and commit to our suggestions for moving forward.

The truth is that what worked for us, and hopefully continues to do so, worked because we are who we are. It worked because we were ready to hear the message. It worked because we were ready to do the work.

What worked for us may not work for other people, because they come with their own unique set of programs, patterns and experiences. Reiki changed my life. That doesn’t guarantee that it will for my neighbour. Essential oils have helped me with so many physical and emotional issues. That doesn’t guarantee it will for my sister. Being vegan changed my life and allowed me to fully accept and love myself for who I am. That doesn’t mean it will for my best friend.

These things worked because they are igniting a part of who I am. They are tapping into my own individual soul’s vibration and unlocking the blocks to my own happiness. It is my own recipe for peace.

Someone else’s recipe might be kinesiology, nutrition, counselling, theta healing, crystals, angelic reiki, past life regression work, dance, Kundalini work, medication, art therapy, yoni massage, yoga, Zumba, chakra clearing… The list goes on.

What worked for us may not work for someone else.

Being self-righteous and preaching our truth to people who don’t want to or aren’t ready to listen only drives a bigger and bigger wedge between them and us. In some cases this wedge becomes that large we can no longer reach each other.

We must learn to wait until they come to us. We must be patient and compassionate with people who we know are clearly in need of healing. They must come to the path of their healing journey on their own. We must also accept that they may never be ready.

All we need to do is hold space for them when they are ready.

Spiritual Awakening

Veganism and Spiritual Awakening

I have recently celebrated my first vegan anniversary, my Veganniversary. It has and continues to be an interesting journey.

There were a few things I expected to change. I expected to shed kilos. I expected my palette to change over time. I expected to have more energy, although this last has been sporadic for reasons that will become clear shortly. I expected to experience better overall health.

Other things happened that I wasn’t expecting. The negative reactions to my choice. The amount of ‘assumptions’ I had about diet. That people continue to accept these assumptions, despite my best efforts to the contrary. The judgement both inside and outside of the vegan community.

Most of all I wasn’t expecting the spiritual side of me to gain momentum. I have been on a spiritual journey for at least 5 years, intentionally cultivating my skills and growing as a person. Not in all that time have I had such profound and fast changes inside of myself and with my skills.

These are some areas in my spiritual life that have changed in the last 12 months:

  1. Becoming more sensitive to energies and emotions: I have always been highly sensitive, an empath. I had just learned, through years of bullying and being told I’m too sensitive, to shut it down. Now, since removing animal products from my diet, it’s all flooding back to the surface. I am way more sensitive than I ever knew, which certainly brings its own challenges. Despite this, I feel that now I am filling my body with high energy foods, my channels have opened up further and I am becoming way more aware and sensitive to energies.
  2. Quicker Manifestation: Along with this comes the other amazing characteristics of a spiritually awakened life – manifestation. I am manifesting things so much quicker these days! Obviously the smaller the desire, the easier it is to come to you, but I am manifesting sometimes within hours! I am vibrating at a higher rate, which is allowing all the positive things I always wanted to come to me. They are now attracted to me, rather than being repelled.
  3. Accelerated Personal Growth: This is perhaps the negative or lesser known side of manifestation – manifesting situations that trigger your crap to be healed! When events or situations occur now though, I am getting the lessons quicker. This is allowing me to move forward at a much faster pace, which means the lessons also come quicker. My brain is not foggy anymore, so I can see my own patterns and behaviours much clearer. I have released so much this last 12 months, and as I continue to delve deeper into the onion of my inner self, I become stronger and stronger, able to deal with the really deep, traumatic stuff. This has lead to me being sick for most of the last 12 months and experiencing bouts of low motivation and fatigue. As I release the emotions, trauma or patterns there is a physiological reaction as the energy leaves, usually cold or flu like symptoms, headaches and general lethargy. Then I get a nice break for a few weeks where I am walking tall!
  4. Increased Intuition: My intuition has really kicked in, stronger than ever before. It is not being dampened by negative or lower energy foods, so it is able to get my attention more. I am still working on the habit of rationalising my nudges and learning to trust it, but I am able to hear it clearer in the first place and that’s a huge step for me.
  5. Deeper Meditations: I have been meditating for a few years now and have had some amazing experiences. None of them prepared me for what most often happens now. I don’t go anywhere or see anything much anymore, I used to go on some amazing adventures with dinosaurs and fairies and the like. Now, I mostly just sit in the energy and listen to the music. What is deeper is the change after I meditate. I immediately notice the change in my own energy, even after a short 15 minute meditation. Now that I am not clogging my body with low energy or processed foods, my meditations have a more profound effect on my energy, clearing away negativity and promoting higher increases in my vibration than ever before. I feel so much more calm and at peace after a meditation and I am totally grateful and happily surprised by this change.

I hope I have explained this last one effectively. All of these changes have lead me to a deeper connection to myself and Spirit, whether it be my guides, angels, deity or whatever the reality of Source actually is. I feel way more connected in general and I can only attribute it to the change in diet. Doreen Virtue talked years ago, in a book I can no longer remember the title to, about the negative effect of meat on your vibration, I just didn’t think it could be this amazing.

Please, if you have experienced similar or different changes, I would love to hear about them. 😁

Good luck and happy vibration raising!!


The Truth About Control

I used to think that being a control-freak was about deflecting the failure to control my inner world onto the outer world. That I could not control or accept my deepest feelings, so I ignored them and focused on gaining control in the external world.

I have since realised the exact opposite is true.

It was this inner control that was reflected in my being a control freak in the physical.

I had so much desire to have complete control over emotional expression, and that was what was reflected in my outer world. I had to control every aspect of my life, my emotions, feelings, external events. All of it.

Since allowing myself to release some of this control I have come to fully understand the second part of the saying “As above, so below. As within, so without”.

As I have allowed myself to surrender to all aspects of life, I have allowed myself to feel deep emotions and feelings, to accept myself as an emotional person, as well as the emotions themselves. This has lead to amazingly deep and fulfilling healing. Hard, but worth it.

I have also noticed that the more I delve into my inner world, the more relaxed I am in the outer.

Or perhaps, it is the opposite. The more I release control of my external world and realise that I have no control over the physical, the more my internal is able to bubble up to be dealt with. The more I realise I have no control other than the choices I make in the moment, I discover that I have the strength to face my issues and heal them through unconditional love and acceptance of what is.

Either way, I am now accepting my emotions and dealing with them, which in turn is allowing me to go with the flow more.

I am finding truth in the idea of strength in vulnerability.

Being vulnerable to your emotions is to allow life to flow and yourself to be in the present. This also encourages you to make decisions in the moment based on what is real, and not from your repressed pain or fear.

Attempting to control any aspect of your life is to stop the flow. It puts limitations on your potential. It keeps you stuck in past patterns and programs, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Being a control-freak is a sign of an intense internal battle, not a weak mind or heart.

As above, so below. As within, so without.


Why we need to stop saying ‘Spirit is telling me…’

People around me have always used the term ‘Spirit is telling me…’ (often it is ‘My Guides’, but it still amounts to the same thing.)

Whether it was to say something or to do something, people will often use the ‘Spirit is telling me’ line when doing so.

Even if it is telling someone something they know the other person doesn’t want to hear. ‘Spirit is telling me to tell you……’

This needs to stop and I’ll tell you why.

We need to take responsibility for our own lives. We were given free will for a reason and so many of us seem to have forgotten that.

Sure, Spirit might tell me to turn left instead of my usual right, but I have free will whether I choose to do so or not.

Spirit might tell us something about a person or a situation, but we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are willing to take the responsibility for the accompanying action or consequence. Whether we like it or not, our actions and words are our responsibility.

Spirit might tell you that your bestie’s new boyfriend isn’t the one, despite her loud proclamations to the contrary. Do you accept the responsibility for telling her? Do you accept the responsibility for what happens after you do? If not, then don’t say anything! It is her journey and she probably won’t listen to you anyway. I never did… It will more than likely result in little more than friction and built up tension between the two of you. Are you willing to accept that responsibility?

The fact is, what we say and do is 100% our responsibility. We ultimately choose to act on guidance or not. We need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words and not blame Spirit. They aren’t telling us to speak or to act, they just give guidance or advice. Like advice or guidance from another human, we can choose whether to act on it or not.

Often, I find people use this excuse to say something mean, which is obviously not coming from Spirit, their guides or even their higher selves, because these aspects of us would never tell us to say anything nasty or unkind.

Also, people often do the verbal conversation for show. The ‘oh, yea’ and the ‘I’m getting to that’ or whatever it comes out as. They talk to the sky above them as if hearing it from a seperate being.

To me, people who do these things are clearly in ego. Why else would they need to make a big show of communicating with Spirit? We can all do it, they aren’t any different or better or more special than us and there is nothing wrong with us if we don’t! (Ok, there is probably a bit of my own ego in this last bit and I am learning not to react to ego from my own ego, but apparently this is a process.)

My main point is this, stop putting accountability or responsibility for what you say and do onto Spirit. We have free will. Use it.

Spiritual Awakening

Loneliness and Spiritual Awakening

There is a lot of information out there about the loneliness phase of the spiritual awakening process. If you don’t know what these two things are and how they are connected, go to YouTube and put ‘loneliness’ and ‘spiritual awakening’ in the search and take your pick! Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back! 😁

So, the loneliness phase. I went through it, and pretty much all of the people who write about spiritual awakening have as well. We survived it. So will you.

For me, the hardest part was the feeling that I didn’t fit anymore. Who am I kidding? I never let like I fit! But it’s even more evident now as I look around the world and observe people.

The more I awaken to my true self, the more people in everyday situations don’t interact with me. The more I shine my light, the more people shy away.

I kind of had an inkling about why this is, but this morning it just hit me like a tonne of bricks. Ok, maybe not that hard. More like a pillow in the face. Subtle, but you know it’s there. And the feeling lingers.

People don’t interact with you when you’re whole, because they can no longer get anything from you.

This is why some friendships die off. In essence, you no longer feed into their control drama, so they avoid you. Sometimes these friendships will end in an explosion of anger and tears, other times they’ll just die off like a fire with no kindling. Either way, you end up alone.

People can not get your energy, nor give you theirs, because you are filling up from a different source, Source itself. You are no longer on the hamster wheel of energetic exchange, and people don’t know how to cope. So, they avoid you all together.

This can be lonely, but also liberating in that you are totally free to be you.

It also leaves enough time and space in your life for those people who can handle your energy. Who vibrate at the same frequency. Who will shine and grow with you, rather than try and keep you at their level.

If you’re going trough this, just know it won’t last forever. My advice is to learn to be your own best friend. This way you are never alone.

I also hope that this revelation helps you to understand what is happening on a deeper level. You might be totally aware of what is going on with you, but understanding people’s changing reactions can help soften the blow.

We just need to keep reminding ourselves to have compassion – for them and for ourselves. We are going through a major change and need to go easy on ourselves. The people around us are often still asleep, and they need our compassion, for they know not what they do, or why.

Just don’t get back on the hamster wheel. You’ve come too far to turn back now!

Spiritual Awakening

Masculinity in the 21st Century

It seems my views on masculinity have changed of late. Very recently in fact.

Last week, I was holidaying in Byron Bay and it would seem that there are a lot of tanned, muscular men who don’t own shirts living there.

A couple of months ago, last week even, this would have awakened a deep desire in me that my lack of self-confidence would never have allowed me to explore.

This time though, there was none of that automatic attraction. None of that lustful desire I have always felt.

It took me a few minutes to realise why.

Over Christmas I have been listening to a podcast by a very knowledgeable and down to earth woman by the name of Rebecca Dettman, called Soul Doctor. The specific podcasts were a two-parter on the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, the second of which talks about the current perception of masculinity as the warrior archetype and how it leads to Manorexia (as she puts it).

It became obvious that there is just as much push from women for men to embody this role of muscular warrior as there is from men for women to be the skinny, beautiful model. This is a sweeping generalisation, but looking at society it’s hard not to make it when that is all we see portrayed on TV, movies and in magazines.

As I looked around the crowd of people enjoying some Saturday afternoon music on the beach, it struck me that many of these men worked hard to become this type of man. Very hard. Did they do it in an attempt to meet society’s expectations? They would probably never admit it, even if they were self-aware enough to see it. Sure, for some it is the expression of their true self, but for many it is a forced lifestyle that can lead to steroids, or worse, in an effort to keep up. They too are under enormous pressure to be a certain way and it was heartbreaking.

It was a major realisation that ‘muscular’ no longer guaranteed ‘masculinity’ for me. It is no longer a healthy archetype to apply to all men, and probably never was.

For me, the question is what does the Divine Masculine look like now, if it ‘looks’ like anything at all?

I think it, like the Divine Feminine, lies in a person’s awareness of who they are as a person, an ability to be truly intimate and vulnerable, to learn and grow from life’s experiences and just BE. Just be themselves. Their true selves. With an understanding that the feminine and masculine reside in us all. It is our job to balance both and see what this means for us.

And it is time society started giving us the space in which to explore our own masculinity and femininity for ourselves. We also need to stop dictating to men and women who they should be and how they should express themselves. Stop telling boys not to cry and girls they aren’t brave enough. Stop telling boys and men they need to be physically strong and girls and women that they need to be petit.

Let each person work it out for themselves and give them the space and opportunity to do so, and when they do, the freedom to express it.

In this, we can finally learn to access and express our own divinity.

Spiritual Awakening

Personal Year Numbers: Numerology Update for 2018

Numerology is the study of numbers. Similar to Astrology, Numerology (using our birthdates and given names) gives us a snapshot of who we are, what lessons and challenges we are to face in our lives, as well as what to expect at a given point in time. This predictive aspect is shown through a variety of aspects of Numerology, such as peak and maturity cycles, however, I will focus today on our Personal Year Number.

Our Personal Year Number (PYN) gives us an understanding of what events and circumstances to expect in the year, as well as guidance about how best to deal with them. Is now the best time to change jobs or move house? Why am I losing all of my friends this year? What is driving this need for me to spend more time alone? Understanding our PYN gives us the answers to these questions and more.

How to find your PYN

Finding your PYN is easy. All you need is your birth date and the current year. Break these numbers down to their individual digit equivalents and then add them together until you get a single digit. If this is confusing, don’t worry, I’m about to break it down!!

The first thing to do is to find the World Year Number (WYN) by adding the numbers of the calendar year together. This gives us an idea of what is effecting or influencing the world as a whole. Next year will be a 2 year, because 2018 is broken down to its individual number equivalent and these are added together:

2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11.

1 + 1 = 2.

Some people include 11 and 22 as a WYN, but my experience has yet to back this theory up. I guess we will see what happens next year as it unfolds. In the meantime, I will work from the base 2 and take lots of notes!!

Next, take your birth day and month numbers and do the same thing, ensuring you add in the WYN as well. For example, if I was born on the 17th July 1987, I would take the day and month, break them down to their single digit equivalent and add them to the WYN as follows:

1 + 7 + 7 + 2 = 17.

1 + 7 = 8.

This person’s PYN is 8.

Now, before you go any further, add tours up and see what you get!!

A note on cycles

As we know, nothing in the physical is permanent, but exists in cycles of change. Like the moon, the sun, the seasons and the universe itself, there are distinct periods characterised by action or inertia, rest or activity, change and consolidation etc.

Our lives are no different. We will experience periods of intense motivation and drive to succeed, and we will do exactly that. At other times, we will put the same effort in, but achieve no results other than our own frustration. At other times, events and circumstances will be out of our control and we will experience many changes that we have no say over, such as losing jobs, relationships, friendships, loved ones, health etc. This is all a part of life.

Understanding where our current PYN sits in relation to this cycle will give us an idea of what to expect, and more importantly, what to do (or not to do).

From The Complete Book of Numerology by David A Phillips.

As you can see in the above graph, the years are grouped into what can be called the troughs and peaks, signifying periods of up and down or action and inaction, with slow progress and decline in between. Like a wave, the energy will rise until it peaks, then decline until it is at the trough. A more specific explanation is:

Peaks: Periods of intense growth, change and movement. A lot will be happening in these years and the key is to surrender to the change and adapt to the new. Key peak years are 9 & 1, with a mini-peak at 5 and into 6.

Troughs: are a time to rest and rejuvenate after the previous years of growth. We can’t be in action all of the time as we need time to assimilate what we have learned. Don’t expect too much progress during these years, simply enjoy the quiet. Key trough years are 4 & 7.

What do the numbers mean?

Now you know what your PYN is (hopefully!), it is important to understand what vibration this number brings with it. Is it a good time to save? Should I invest in property? Should I travel? The following information will help you to see what energetic influences are surrounding and guiding you, as well as some guidance about how to deal with them. As with all things, you have free will. Just remember that if you are trying to start something new in a 4 year, you might find it a bit difficult!


This a year characterised by new beginnings. A lot of things will have come to an end last year (PYN 9, see below), and this is the year where new, more exciting things will emerge. You might find yourself surrounded by new people, a new job, a new project or even a new understanding of life. Embrace these, let the old friendships and ideologies fall away and allow the changes to occur.

It is also a time where you become more self-confident, independent and settled in your individuality, especially if you take the time to break old habits and heal past patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. Have the courage to fully step into your individuality, do things your way and let your true self shine.


This is a year for greater cooperation and balance. You have created new relationships in the past year and it is time to cultivate these, ensuring a balance of giving and receiving exists. Just as you cultivate your relationships with others, however, it is important to cultivate a positive, loving relationship with yourself. Be sure to give yourself time to heal the emotional issues of the past and learn to love and accept yourself to achieve this balance. This will lead to enhanced emotional stability and give you the tools to come from a place of loving action rather than passive reaction.

It is also a period of heightened spiritual development, where your intuition will be stronger than before. Be sure to listen when it speaks and act accordingly to avoid upset and disappointment. Adopting a regular meditation practice will give the two fold result of allowing you to tap into your intuition through the quiet, while giving yourself the opportunity to balance your emotions and gain much needed stability.


As we head to the trough, there is still much to learn about yourself and life. These early numbers in the cycle are all about the physical world and your understanding of it, who you are as a person and how you interact with others. This 3 year will give you the opportunity to express the new, authentic self you have discovered during the last few years of development through honest and open communication with others. This can take many forms, including written (journaling, songs, poems or blogs as was the case with me), painting, dancing, clothing, tattoos, verbal communication or any other way you choose to express yourself. Have the courage to be who you are now, allow the old patterns and programs to fully disappear and begin to communicate yourself in honesty and integrity.

It is also a period of heightened mental powers. You will have a thirst for knowledge that will only be quenched by taking up study of some kind or learning through the experience of travel. Find what topic excites and energises you and read or experience away! Choose a travel destination and look forward to the experience and what it can teach you! Just remember to not take on too much at one time as your energy will easily become scattered and you will not reap the full benefits. Choose one path and follow it for as long as it excites you or you are learning something.

You will also need to develop your memory throughout this period in order to fully understand and assimilate what you are learning. Also, having a good memory leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem, and few of us don’t need more of that! So, keep notes or a journal of what you learn, keep a diary to organise your life and set a reminder to check the diary (I almost needed to do this a few times this year!), whatever it takes. Find your best expression for developing your memory and adopt it.

A final reminder for this year is to take time out for the simple things in life. Remember to have fun, allow time for humour, follow your happiness, surround yourself with bright company and celebration to avoid spiralling emotionally. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously this year. Lighten up and have fun.


This is a year of consolidation and rejuvenation. You have learned a lot in the last few years since the last trough (5 years to be exact!) and it is time to assimilate and consolidate your new understanding of life and yourself. It is a good time for planning for the future, but allow time for rest and relaxation to ensure your energy is fully charged for the changes to come. Avoid disharmony where possible, or at the very least schedule time for relaxation to unwind. Routine is a key aspect for the 4 vibration, so take the time to slow down and build yourself some boundaries to ensure you do not undo all the hard work of the previous years and become emotionally unstable or tense.

It is also a good time to focus on your finances and physical matters as the manifestation power of the 4 is strong. It will be steady progress, so be patient with yourself and take it one day at a time. Hard, persistent, determined work will bring desired results.

Do not expect too much change or growth in this year of consolidation and you will avoid disappointments.


This is the year you needed to conserve your energy for as it is a massive year of change, both expected and unexpected. Fighting it will only make matters worse, so try to go with the flow, adapt to the changes, surrendering to the divine intelligence of the universe and trusting that it will all work out in the end. Allow your adventurous side to develop for only the universe knows where you will end up! As with the 3, avoid taking on too many things at once as the obligations will cause you frustration as you strive for greater freedom.

It will also be a period of heightened psychic and spiritual awareness. Follow your intuition and learn to act on gut instinct when opportunities arise and surrender to the outcome. More importantly, BACK YOURSELF! Trust in your own ability to know what to do when the time comes.

Remember to release control of the physical matters you focused on last year. You have built a solid foundation from which you can now act upon. Take the time to focus on your creativity and build the life you desire.


This is a mini-peak where more focus will be invested in the home and relationships. It is a good time for the single people among us to find love. If you are already in a relationship, you will begin to take on greater responsibility in the home and domestic obligations after last year’s drive for freedom. Just remember to take time out to foster your creativity and reconnect to your authentic self to avoid emotional tension.

You might also find that issues in relationships (including both friendships and romantic) will arise during this year. Now is the perfect time to heal these issues and come to a resolution that best serves everyone. Aim for general harmony in relationships and avoid striving for right or wrong in conflict. Be prepared that this might mean some sacrifice is needed to find the middle ground. It could also lead to an ending of the relationship, but if this is what is best for all parties concerned, allow the change to take place. Either way, a new phase of the relationship will be achieved. Remember to have a high level of personal integrity and honesty throughout this year to ensure harmony in all dealings.


This trough year is another one of consolidation, but unlike the 4, it is focussed on the mental and spiritual aspects of life. It will be a time to stop and reflect on your life so far, the lessons you have learned and how far you’ve come in this life. Take time for quiet introspection and inner development. Be sure to spend as much time alone as you feel necessary to ensure you do not become too highly strung and stressed. Honour your need for solitude. It will be a time where the study of all types will help as you learn through experience, but specifically the study of philosophy will be of great benefit to you.

This year will also afford you the chance to yet again clean out your life of the things that no longer serve you, be it people, habits, behaviours, careers or anything else – if it no longer serves your highest good, adds value to your life or makes you happy, let it go. Be sure to take time out to carefully consider opportunities or large transactions that present during this period, making sure that you can and want to do what is being put forward.

Trying to force any major change this year could lead to loss. Be sure to take the time out to rest and rejuvenate, ready for the next phase of growth and expansion that is to come.


This is yet another year of rapid change where you will come out of the hermit phase of the 7 and begin to reap what you have sown in the last few years. If your attitude, efforts and intentions over the past few years have been positive, then you should expect positive results. If they have been less than favourable, January and February will be your last chance to turn your fortunes around.

It will be a year of increased independence and wisdom in the business arena, where you will be able to manifest abundance in money and property. Be sure to increase your focus on this aspect of your life to ensure you get the most out of this vibration.

This independence and wisdom can manifest in your spiritual life, depending on your level of development, so remember to listen to your intuition and back yourself. Take the time out to recognise how far you have come in this life and how much you have grown. You have increased universal support in the development of your personal power, so use it! Develop your assertiveness in the face of disempowering situations or authority figures and stand in your power.

You will have increased powers of manifestation, so be sure you are putting your efforts, intentions and thoughts only on the positive.


This is the year of endings that comes before the new beginnings of the 1. It will be a time of great upheaval as you experience many changes that are out of your control. Be optimistic and courageous during this period, surrendering to the higher intelligence and trusting that it will all work out in the end. You might experience endings in love, friendships, job, finances, home or health, just remember that something else will come to replace what you have lost. These events will often lead you to resolve long standing conflicts and issues with loved ones or within yourself, so face them head on with honesty and integrity to resolution. It is really clearing out what no longer serves you to make way for things that do. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

It is also a time of completion of projects. You set things in motion in either your 1 or 5 years, took time to reflect during your 7, finally saw the fruits of your labours in the 8 year, now it is time to tie up loose ends and prepare for the finale. This finale might simply be entering a new stage in the project, not necessarily an ending, but the transition is an ending in itself as you start to see your plans coming to fruition and things start falling into place.

This year might also see you thinking about life from a humanitarian perspective. You will have a drive to help your community and uplift the lives of others. Find what works for you and follow this drive. Your tolerance and understanding will also be heightened, perfect for dealing with global issues.

One final note about this year – don’t be too hasty spending money. It is not a year for financial gain. As an ending year, trying to start something new could lead to more disaster than you bargained for. Hold of for 12 months if you can. Otherwise, take the time to make sure all things are in order before entering into the deal.

Your number influenced by the WYN

As I said before, knowing the WYN in relation to your PYN will give you a deeper insight into what to expect.

2018 will be an 11/2 vibration. Working from the 2 vibration, this means that your PYN will be influenced by cooperation, intuition and emotions. For example, if you are in a PYN 9, expect your endings to be around emotions or relationships. You might be driven to work with others to promote humanitarian issues.

Personally, I am entering into an PYN 4, so I will expect to experience consolidation in my emotional state (finally achieving the stability I have been lacking of late!! Happy days!!!!), awareness of my intuition and relationships that have lasted through last year.

I won’t go through each number individually, just be aware of the 2 vibration that is underlying your own PYN to see the deeper, more subtle nuances of 2018. Be sure to read the explanation for the 2 above to help you make sense of it.

What to do now

Nothing. Except refer back to this post as many times as you need to remind yourself of what to do when things don’t go as expected. Surrender to what is, let go of the rest and enjoy the ride. Whether you are in a trough year of quiet solitude, or a peak year of change and action, the key to a relaxed and happy life is surrender. Accept what is and go with the flow.

A note on sources

I have read a few books and studied courses on Numerology, plus done readings that have helped to consolidate my understanding of each number vibration. The following are a list of books I have used frequently, especially in creating the information above. I would encourage anyone to find these books if you are interested in learning more about Numerology. I got these from Kindle, but I am sure they are available in hard copy if you prefer.

  1. David A. Phillips, The Complete Book of Numerology.
  2. Michelle Buchanan, The Numerology Guidebook.
  3. Clifford W. Cheasley and Melanie Becker, The Basics of Numerology.

I hope this will help guide you through next year and beyond. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to help! I would love to hear your experiences, especially if these numbers help explain events of this last year!

Happy New Year!!